The Epic Fail Game

  • 2021

  • Social Impact

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The Epic Fail Game is a set of 30 challenge cards designed to teach kids, and their grown-ups, skills that promote resilience, creativity and mindfulness through play.

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  • It's never been harder to be a kid. Statistics the world over are showing a huge rise of anxiety in children. The causes are mixed and many but one thing's for sure: we need to grow more resilience - which usually means bracing for some hard knocks. But that doesn't have to come at the expense of fun. In fact, wouldn't it be amazing if we redefined those bumps, knocks and fails as something positive? In a world obsessed with success, we set ourselves the challenge of celebrating a little Epic Failing with the aim to build stronger, happier, life-ready children.

  • Drawing on ground-breaking brain and behavioural research, we designed 30 challenges to foster fail friendliness from all sides - 'head' challenges (engaging logic and the rational mind); 'heart' challenges (emotive and social play); and 'hands' challenges (physical games connecting our senses and motor skills). The outcomes unlock creative expression, change mindsets, expectations and conversations. 22 of the challenges have been designed for group play, while 8 encourage kids to connect their new found skills with the real world. A small book included with the game shares the underlying evidence-based theory behind the challenges to encourage sustainable behaviour change through education.

  • In order to thrive through disruption, the corporate sector has had to move quickly to develop evidence-based methodologies to build organisational resilience and encourage inventiveness within their workforce. The Epic Fail Game is taking these learnings and change management interventions, overlaid with paedagogical theory, to benefit kids, educators and parents. As this is a brand new product, we do not have empirical evidence to support the effectiveness of its objectives however we are confident that the behavioural science underpinning its design has proven traction.

  • The Epic Fail Game was born from the personal and professional experiences of two recovering helicopter mums - Organisational Change Strategist, Susanna Kass and Brand Designer, Yolanda Koning.