The Big Paint Sample

  • 2021

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Jodie Milwright

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The Big Paint Sample is an easy to use, no mess and cost effective paint colour sampling solution. The reusable, large-format, direct-stick samples can be peeled off the backing paper and applied to a variety of surfaces. This Australian designed product is painted rather than printed, and can be easily removed for re-use in other rooms.

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  • Paint sample pots can be expensive, messy, and require several coats to see a true representation of the colour. Brushes, rollers, protective clothing, surface protection and clean-up products add to the cost. Several coats may be required - adding time, and once it is applied sample paint cannot be removed if a consumer changes their mind, which can limit their ability to test it in a variety of rooms or walls. Paint colour selection regret is not uncommon where a colour looks completely different in an untested room due to changes in light, size, and furnishings.

  • A Big Paint Sample can easily be applied to a wall, peeled off, and moved to another room, or surface, or part of the room several times, to provide an accurate evaluation of the colour in a range of light and settings. There is no dry-time required and results can be viewed immediately or left for an extended period of time for evaluation of the colour. There is no clean up required as it simply peels off the backing paper and is applied directly to the wall or surface. No damage, and not permanent if the consumer changes their mind.

  • The Big Paint Sample is explicit in its intent to provide a smart and easy way to sample paint colours. The product is simple to use, and provides a true-to-colour visual representation for purposes of making a decision about colour choice. No special equipment is required. The paper is biodegradable and non-toxic. The product has been purpose-specific designed and tested on a variety of surfaces. The products are hand-painted using genuine branded paint, and offer value for money for consumers, tradespeople and designers showcasing their services. The design is innovative and clever, solving a common problem.

  • The Big Paint Sample reduces environmental impact created through landfill by discarded 250ml and 500ml sample pots and paint residue washed down drains. It can be used by consumers, commercial tradespeople such as painters, and interior designers to showcase colours to clients. The product can be easily shipped. We have a standard sample size of 60 x 37 cms and a larger sheet size 60 x 148cms. Samples represent the major paint brands, and consumers can request custom colours which can be produced within a short time frame.