the Bakery Boss

  • 2016

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Commissioned By:

Breville Group Ltd

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The Bakery Boss lets you to keep an eye on the mix and prepare ingredients in half the time. A revolutionary Scraper Beater wipes the bowl, leaving ingredients better mixed, the illuminated Glass Bowl lets you see when ingredients are ready. Also included is an additional Bowl, Beater, Whisk, Dough Hook.

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  • More so than other small domestic appliances, Stand Mixers are a focal point of the Kitchen and communicate a high degree of emotional connection for the home chef. Stand Mixers have been commonplace in the domestic kitchen for almost 100 years, so it was important for the classic visual language of the Stand Mixer to work seamlessly with the newest electronic features. With a high attention to material quality, user touch points and surface finishing, the design communicates this is a robust and reliable product, to be kept for generations.

  • A revolutionary Scraper Beater wipes the bowl with every turn, leaving ingredients better mixed. There's no need to continually stop and scrape down the bowl to incorporate ingredients. The microwave safe, illuminated Glass Bowl lets you measure and see when ingredients are ready. The die cast planetary action mixer comes with a Stainless Bowl, metal beater, whisk, dough hook. “Easy lift “handles on the front and rear of the mixer are included for improved mobility. The control dial and function indicator bar makes it easy to adjust speed to the appropriate task, with graphics making attachment selection straightforward. The timer is capable of turning the mixer off so you can follow recipes to the second.

  • To minimise the impact on the environment Breville design products people keep, not throw away and replace. To do this we design and engineer our products to be durable and easy to clean, with a classic design that will not date. The Bakery Boss complies with IEC 62301 1watt standby mode and the Scraper Beater is up to 60% more efficient, reducing running time by nearly half. Load sensing technology automatically regulates power consumption based on ingredients minimizing energy use. Breville's products must also be easy to service and a majority of components are manufactured from recyclable materials.

  • The Bakery Boss differentiates itself through attention to Quality on many levels. Foremost is mechanical and electronic durability. A Stand Mixer must endure the heaviest of loads for extended periods, at high speeds. Forces are such that metal can deform and operating temperatures can exceed over 100ºC. Breville 'Life' tests it's products under such conditions, until the product fails. The Bakery Boss incorporates sintered carbon steel gears with post-heat treatment gearing, a typical wear point for Stand Mixers. Hinges, another high wear area, are sintered zinc anneal and minimise head movement during mixing. Eight steps of surface finishing are required for die cast components to achieve the desired finish.

    In order to achieve consistent scraping using a glass bowl, Breville was required to design for tolerances of up to +/-2.5mm on the inner bowl wall, +/-3.5mm on the bowl height. A unique scraper blade as well as Glass Bowl production controls were required to achieve mixing consistency. Breville also redesigned airflow through the product so that heavier recipes could be mixed for longer. A count up & down timer is capable of turning the mixer off so you can follow recipes to the second. Pause operation lets you to stop without losing the mixing time so you're free for the next task. Patent pending technology senses when heavy loads are introduced, adjusting power and speed for optimum results