Telstra Locator

  • 2019

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    Consumer Electronics

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Telstra Locator is an innovative new finding service from Australia’s largest telco that will help customers keep track of the things that matter most to them – from keys and bags to bikes, pets and even business assets such as tools and vehicles.

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  • One in three Australians have lost their keys in the past 12 months, while one in seven know that sinking feeling when they’ve lost their wallet. For businesses, knowing where valuable assets are is critical to the livelihood of a company. Our vision is to create the nation’s most powerful finding service to help customers find the things that matter most. To do that, our challenge was to design an innovative and safe range of devices that use multiple technologies and radio types to share their location, whilst achieving a balance of size, battery life and signal range.

  • The team designed, tested and then re-designed this product several times before delivering a range of Telstra Locator Tags. These can be detected by the Telstra Locator Network to allow customers to see the last known approximate location of their valuables on a map in the Telstra Locator App - and to ring their tags when close by. The Telstra Locator Bluetooth® Tag, small and lightweight, is ideal for locating personal items like keys, while the rechargable Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag is perfect for dogs and bikes. Each Locator Tag connects to one or more aspects of the Telstra Locator Network.

  • Helping customers locate their wallet, keys or business equipment can save time and money, and preventing the loss of a pet is priceless. As a value added service, Telstra Locator will drive customer loyalty and is a unique service for Telstra customers on a mobile plan. All Telstra Locator Tags use either rechargeable or replaceable batteries, unlike some other competing devices, which are designed to be thrown away when their battery is depleted.

  • - Safety: A unique battery replacement tool is supplied with the Bluetooth tag. It is coated in a bitterness agent to help prevent the risk of a child swallowing it. - Size and battery life: The Bluetooth tag has a 12-month replaceable battery and the Wi-Fi tag can achieve up to six weeks use on one charge, whilst maintaining a small form-factor suitable for various use cases. - Range: Strong internal radio antenna can achieve long distance location sharing to enhance their ability to be found. - Premium finish: The tags have a high quality, matte finish. - Stylish and practical accessories: Telstra Locator’s bespoke Pet Collar Attachment and Universal Mount make it easy to attach the Wi-Fi tag to pets and valuables. The Telstra Locator App has a number of innovative features to help customers find their tags and devices: - Location history: Users can view the location history for their tags, smartphones and tablets for the last 30 days. - Zones and notifications: Customers can set up alerts to inform them when a Wi-Fi tag is detected outside a pre-set area. - Mark as lost: Users can receive an alert when the Telstra Locator Network detects their Bluetooth Tag by marking as lost.