TAFE – Helping Students Discover and Enrol in the Right Course, the First Time


TAFE NSW is Australia’s leading provider of vocational education and training. Each year, more than 430,000 students enrol but many don’t choose the course that’s right for them. We designed a guided journey from course exploration to enrolment students to choose the right course for them, the first time.

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  • Many customers consider studying at TAFE NSW but it’s difficult for them to discover a course that is right for them and enrol. They come up against the following barriers: - They can’t find the specific information they need about a course to confidently enrol. - They aren’t able to understand if a course and resulting job is suitable. - They struggle to understand what courses are available and how or when they will be delivered. - They are unable to enrol without manual assistance from student services. This is exacerbated as TAFENSW teams are unable to effectively and efficiently support customers seeking help.

  • A 12-week human-centred design process was broken down into 3 key phases: - Exploring a course area - Researching and selecting a course - Enrolling in a course We started by working with students to understand their goals, expectations and work preferences to help suggest course areas that align with them to explore. Then prototyped solutions for prospective students to make meaningful comparisons of suitability between courses, correctly set expectations of what it entails and the resulting jobs available to graduates. We then established clarity about how a course was to be delivered, and clearly outlined the enrolment process and next steps.

  • Explore to Enrol improves the customer experience, focused on students finding the most suitable course, and making it easy to enrol. For Customers - The ability to self-serve resulted in choosing a more suitable course, and better job outcomes. For TAFE NSW - Increased quantity and quality of active enrolments whilst reducing student dropouts, often occurring because the information isn’t clear. For TAFE NSW teams- On average it currently takes 6.7 touchpoints with students to enrol them in a course - by reducing the administrative burden it will allow them to focus on more meaningful work.

  • Homepage - providing multiple entry points for prospective students that may be at different stages in their decision making process. Study Seeker - A questionnaire that suggests course areas to explore based on prospective students lifestyle & career preferences and goals. Browse Course Areas - A redesigned course categorisation taxonomy that makes it easier for prospective students to explore and discover course options. Clearer Course Details - An improved course detail page with a new information hierarchy and newly authored course content that highlights subject matter, course outcomes, and suitability. Improved Delivery Option - An improved delivery option detail page that clearly outlines all the attributes of how a course will be delivered to assist prospective students in understanding how their study will fit into their lives and make it easy for them to make comparisons to select the best option for them. Fee Eligibility Calculator - An in-context tool that allows prospective students to get a personalised fee estimate based on their situation. Pre-enrolment - A new page that presents back a summary of the course and delivery chosen and highlights entry requirements before a prospective student proceeds to enrolment to ensure they meet the requirements before starting an enrolment.