SYMBIONT Coffee Table

  • 2021

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

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Designed in Australia, SYMBIONT is a multi level structure with round table tops and dowel legs connecting to a central node bench. The flexible design makes it suitable for various domestic and commerical settings. The colour scheme is inspired by nature recuperating after a bushfire and emphasises SYMBIONT’s playful design aspects.

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Image: Martin Cedes (Imago Design)
Image: Martin Cedes (Imago Design)
Image: Martin Cedes (Imago Design)
Image: Martin Cedes (Imago Design)
Image: Martin Cedes (Imago Design)
Image: Martin Cedes (Imago Design)
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  • Most contemporary coffee tables don't offer any innovation which makes them look exchangeable. Flexibility is mostly reduced to a classic nesting table setting. The challenge was to create a coffee table that playfully adapts to changing needs while offering highest flexibility and fun going beyond the usual nesting table concept.

  • SYMBIONT coffee table is a collection of various shaped table tops and different sized legs and connectors linking into one single functional piece of furniture. A minimum of two table tops have to connect with each other to be able to stand mimicking a symbiotic relationship. The legs and connectors hold the table tops through a simple but clever screwing mechanism in the dowel that slots into the table tops. Available in configurations of a minimum of two or more components and several colours SYMBIONT allows for a multitude of configurations for domestic settings as well as commercial ones.

  • SYMBIONT is a statement piece that easily adapts to changing needs and settings in nowadays more nomadic minded existence of people moving from home to home. It's a piece of furniture that brings back fun and playfulness in our homes, hotel and office lobbies. Due to its flexibility and the ability to be used across commercial and residential settings it will certainly have a positive impact on the business performance of any company selling it.

  • SYMBIONT is more that just another coffee table. It offers flexibility like no other combined with a colour scheme that will make it the focal point of any setting. Its innovative way of connecting several tables in multiple levels allow the consumer to customise it to their very own personal needs while still allowing for a great variability in the set-out of the table. The playful aspects of the design enable personal creativity and therefore enhance personal well being.