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A mixer tap with an XPRESSFIT installation mechanism allows the plumber to install a mixer in as little as three minutes. The mixer is installed and secured from the top of the benchtop and the only time the plumber needs to get underneath is to connect the water supply.

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  • The challenge faced by plumbers is that sinks are becoming deeper and kitchens are becoming smaller. Plumbers face increasing difficulty in getting under and behind the sink, where there is little space between the sink bowl and the wall, to install a new kitchen mixer. A mixer tap installation can take anywhere between 30 – 60 minutes to install, at times requiring more than one person to do the job and can be a backbreaking exercise. Uninstalling a mixer is even more challenging.

  • Tap designs or styles are endless, hence we invested our thoughts into the way the product is installed and finding a solution to solve this challenge. From this thought process, the XPRESSFIT mechanism was developed whereby a mixer tap can be installed and secured from above the benchtop, using a basic screw driver or drill to lock the mixer in place, eliminating a time consuming and painful process that installers currently face. Designing an installation mechanism rather than just another style of tap, creates a solution for a range of uses.

  • The XPRESSFIT mechanism is designed to protect plumbers’ health and safety, relieving the strain on their back and wrist when installing a tap. There is a time saving of up to 90% compared to a standard mixer installation, providing efficiencies to the plumber. For builders of medium to high density housing, the time saving and potential cost saving that the plumber can offer by installing mixer taps with the XPRESSFIT mechanism is exponential. The foolproof nature of the mechanism, location pins and nut sleeves included with Suprema's XPRESSFIT mixers, ensures a trouble free installation, even for the least experienced installer.

  • Suprema is the first in Australia to incorporate the XPRESSFIT mechanism in their range of mixers. The XPRESSFIT top mount mechanism is unique in design and at the time of writing is patent pending in Australia and 14 other countries. The XPRESSFIT mechanism is designed to be adaptable to any style of mixer, for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. All you need to install an XPRESSFIT mixer is a phillips head screw driver or drill. Uninstalling an XPRESSFIT mixer is just as easy and fast as installing one, it’s the same process in reverse. The only time the installer needs to get under the sink is to connect or disconnect the mixer to the water supply. Suprema also added nut sleeves to the inlet hoses for their XPRESSFIT range. This allows hand tightening (and prevents over tightening) of the PEX inlet hoses when connecting to the water supply. That is one less tool required to install a Suprema XPRESSFIT mixer. Load testing has been performed on the mechanism as per the Australian standards requirements. The XPRESSFIT mechanism is manufactured in stainless steel, which is lead free. This is in line with Australian plumbing standards movement towards using low lead materials.