• 2022

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Everplay Ltd

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New Zealand

Superspace: a magnetic modular play space builder for kids. Life-size magnetic panels allow children to create almost any structure they can dream up and then play in their own creation.

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  • Inspired by watching our children trying to create their own play spaces in the living room so they could have their own space yet still be near to us. The unsuccessful use of cardboard boxes, sheets and cushions (collapsing and taking over the room) led to the idea of ‘Superspace’. The challenge was to create panels that were lightweight and simple enough for kids to use so they would be inspired to build and rebuild their own life-sized structures. They had to be easy and fun to use or they would get ignored.

  • After many iterations we came up with three things that allowed us to hit these goals: Creating a magnetic system using diametrically opposed strong magnets, creating a frame that would house the magnets while allowing the panels to be lightweight and strong enough to handle the knocks from kids and the use of PET felt for durability and lightness. Throughout the process we focused on reducing the environmental impact of the panels, each 24-panel set contains approximately 150 recycled plastic bottles. Recycle-grade Polycarbonate was used to house the magnets and locked together using 100% natural bamboo with the FSC tick.

  • In a world increasingly dominated by screens, toys that encourage creativity and imaginative play are of increasing value. The motivating factor that inspired the creation of Superspace was to create a toy that would get kids to put down their screens and engage with the physical world without the limited possibilities of traditional toys. There are no rules, and no right or wrong way to use it. Kids learn through experimenting, building, and can create new structures each and every time. It stimulates their mind and allows them to dream of things they would otherwise might not have thought of.

  • Innovative use of high-strength magnets moulded inside plastic connectors. Magnets are free to rotate, allowing them to self-align to ensure each panel instantly snaps together in endless configurations. There is no 'wrong way' for a child to connect panels which makes it extremely fast and fun to create structures in a way that feels like magic. The PET felt (made from recycled plastic bottles), bamboo rods and patent-pending magnetic locking system makes this product truly unique. Endless combinations - one minute it’s a fort, an art exhibition, an office, and the next minute it’s a spaceship or castle. It’s all about helping kids learn through play, having a space of their own and letting their imaginations run wild! It empowers children to use their creative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to create whatever they can dream up. Superspace also encourages cooperative play, the large scale of the sets creates environments that kids can engage with together, and children can also work together to build grander creations encouraging collaboration and teamwork. The collaborative nature of Superspace also makes it perfect for schools and daycares, where multiple sets can be combined to create epic constructions for larger groups of kids.