Subo – The Food Bottle

  • 2017

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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JAG Mayer Pty Ltd

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Subo’s worlds first non-squeeze self-dispensing food bottle is perfect for on-the-go feeding.

It can be given to babies at an earlier age, without parents worry of a wasteful mess caused by squeezing. At the heart of the innovative design is a cylindrical tube with a moving platform and a one-way valve.

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  • Subo is the next step in the evolution of feeding babies and toddlers. In recent years, disposable food pouches squeezed their way into family life as an easy way to feed young ones yogurts, purees, mashed foods, smoothies and the like. Children are able to squeeze the contents out, and hopefully into their mouths! Subo - The Food Bottle gives parents a re-useable alternative that can be filled with homemade or bulk bought foods. The non-squeeze feature allows only one way for the contents to come out, by sipping on the soft silicone spout, dispensing the food directly into their mouths.

  • Subo has a cylindrical shaped tube with a moving platform, and a one-way valve. Once Subo is filled to the desired volume, the user sips the food into their mouth through the soft silicone spout drawing the platform upward. The one-way valve at the base allows inflow of air as the platform moves up the cylinder, and prevents platform creep keeping the platform suspended in place until the next mouthful is drawn. When the platform reaches the top of the tube, it fits firmly into the underside of the spout leaving little to no food behind. A protective cap covers the top of the soft spout when not in use, by clipping onto a collar creating a positive seal.

  • The ergonomically designed hourglass shape fits nicely into the hands of babies old enough to be eating soft first foods. The TPE overmoulded tube has a soft feel grippy texture that stimulates the senses. The transparent viewing window on both sides of the tube allows children to watch the platform move up as it's being used. Parent can also observe how much food has been consumed. The lightweight bottle can hold up to 210mL of food and the platform can be adjusted to lesser volumes using the scales at the sides of the viewing windows. The strikingly bright yet soft colour schemes are appealing to both Mum and bubs, and its visual design differentiates Subo from 'just another' milk bottle for babies.

  • Invented by a mum and dad for their own children to use; their safety was of the highest concern. It is designed to meet the AS/NZ and EN standards, even though it is not a mandatory requirement in Australia. The parts are manufactured from high-grade materials that are BPA and Phthalate free. There are no choking or entrapment hazards, protecting little fingers and toes! Subo - the Food Bottle is a certified Australian Made product. To ensure the highest quality control and safety measures are met, Subo is owned, designed and manufactured in Australia

    Subo can be prefilled for use later in the day. It can be used for a yogurt snack in the car seat or out in the pram, perhaps a cool smoothie at school during a recess break or even a quick lunch with warm soft spaghetti while out at the playground. The types of foods and places for use are endless. The overmoulded tube helps to keep the contents cool or warm and at 180mm (H) x 60mm (W) it easily fits into most lunch boxes.

    Subo is designed for easy assembly. The large wide pitched threads allow for the base and collar to be easily and quickly fastened to the tube with out misaligning. The silicone valve and spout fit snugly into the base and collar. The contoured edges of the tube allows for easy insertion of the platform. The volume marking scales located on both sides of the overmould are written in opposite directions to cater for the multi-directional tube. No matter which end the platform is inserted into, one of the scales will be functional. The bottle can be disassembled for cleaning with no corners or hard to reach spots for food or mold to hide, giving peace-of-mind to parents with the highest hygiene expectations!