Stitchy – Smart Switch Range

  • 2021

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    Hardware and Building

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Stitchy transforms existing light switches into a smart switch, with voice control from Alexa, HomeKit or Google. This Australian designed product is easy to install and setup, and will turn any conventional home into an efficient Zigbee.

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  • With the introduction of smart home technology, existing switches and circuitry were unable to tap into this new technology. Prior to Stitchy, the only way to do this was replacement of all light fittings or switches. We found this an unacceptable waste and felt there must be a better way to retrofit the new tech to existing switches and circuitry allowing smart home benefits at a fraction of the cost of a complete refit.

  • Stitchy and Stitchy DIM can be added to almost any switch making the switch not only a smart switch but also a dimmable smart switch. Stitchy Neutral Free does not require a neutral feed allowing for a more flexible installation and installation to homes that may lack this feed at the switch (most homes in WA do not have a neutral down at the switch). Zigbee control allows integration with thousands of smart devices on the same communication protocol providing convenience, rapid response, and security. Any switch upgraded with the Stitchy range can be controlled by Alexa, Google, or HomeKit.

  • The introduction of Stitchy allows for a rapid and low-cost opportunity to make a standard home a smart home. Stitchy is a third-party device with open communication protocol so no proprietary device is required to operate it, just a Zigbee communication protocol which is also open source and arguably the best communication method for home automation. Contractors using and installing Stitchy units can reach out to more customers and upgrade systems instead of replacing systems which will generate more work for them and less cost to the consumer.

  • Transforms standard light switch into smart switch. Available in standard ON/OFF, Dimmable, and Neutral Free options. Basic no frills construction. Small footprint for ease of installation. Open source platform. Zigbee protocol for universal use and high security. Easy installation and setup. Cost effective.