Smash Blue

  • 2021

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    Housewares and Objects

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Smash Enterprises

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Smash Blue is an eco-conscious lunchware range from Smash Enterprises. This sophisticated lunch container was built to replace single use and low quality re-usable plastics at an accessible price point. The Australian design uses food grade stainless steel, engineered to be microwave and oven safe.

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  • To build an eco-conscious product range that encourages consumers that are not yet seeking out greener alternatives to make the step away from single and short-term use plastics. Market research highlighted that several key features are required to consider making the switch; The item/s must be sized correctly, have accessible price points, be visually appealing but most importantly, there must be ease of use with regard to re-heating food, leak proof ability and cleaning.

  • Challenges arose transferring the usability of plastics to a material like stainless steel that is difficult and costly to manufacture. The need to reheat food challenged us to engineer a stainless steel that is microwave safe. To ensure no leaks, each container has a silicone seal and hidden release valve to accommodate the manufacturing inconsistencies of stainless steel. 100% recyclable glass-like Tritan is used for the lid. Research showed that being able to see inside and the enhanced aesthetics it provided expanded the reach to non eco warriors, helping begin their eco journey. Little Drops make Big Waves after all.

  • The range has social impact by providing a vehicle that encourages healthy eating at all ages. The commercial impact on the business has been phenomenal in our launch country Australia with distribution expanding into the USA, UK, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa and the Middle East over the next 12 months. The primary reason for the creation of this range was for an environmental impact and with sales to date, we believe we are doing our part to encourage a move from single and short-time use plastics, reducing the impact on our oceans and landfill around the world.

  • All items in the range have the following key features - microwave safe - oven safe - 100% leak proof - dishwasher safe - disassemble for easy cleaning - tested to international food safety standards - Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel - BPA FREE - 100% recyclable