• 2021

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    Hardware and Building

Commissioned By:

Angus Hudson

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The SLURRYTUB is a simple, cost-effective and portable filtering alternative to a concrete slurry on a construction site. SLURRYTUB ensures waste slurry is handled and disposed in the most environmentally friendly way, stopping it from contaminating storm water drains, grass and plants.

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  • The design challenge was to create a practical method to improve the clean up process on construction sites with minimal environment impact. Requirements to replace current practices: - Easier than common bad practice (dumping into gardens) - Better filtration than best practice (requiring hay bales on site) - Better cleaning than current practice (by holding wheel barrow in place) - Drain fast with no power - No equipment / filter cleaning - Low cost - Portable, durable - No learning curve - Work outdoors or indoors with hose

  • SLURRYTUB holds a wheelbarrow upright for easier washing, while supporting a replaceable filter and collecting all run off for safe disposal. The part is highly engineered and durable yet low cost, light and simple. A single use, biodegradable paper filter is unique and prevents clogging and cleaning. The filter paper has 10 micron aperture producing clear, near drinking water quality while the ribs are optimised for fast drainage. The leftover sediment hardens in the paper filter for safe disposal or recycling.

  • Environmental impact: Unfiltered slurry kills plants, clogs drains and contaminates waterways. Correct disposal ensures that council guidelines are followed and no infringements occur. The water runs out clean and the dried concrete is environmentally inert. Commercial impact: A low cost, effective solution for disposing of slurry on site - saving trades thousands in cleanup labour, client disputes and fines. Social impact: Improving the lives of labourers and builders by providing a practical, stress free solution to a previously messy and risky occupational hazard.

  • Prevents harmful slurry polluting ground water, entering drains and killing plants. Trades, and construction companies will benefit from cleaner and safer sites, time saved cleaning up or transporting slurry and a reduced risk of fines. Ribs engineered to maximise flow speed while supporting the filter. Smart filter folding allows instant install from the packet. Waterproof, patented landfill biodegradable ziplock filter packet protects unused filters from rain and mud. Clever cleats to easily attach and remove filters. Dual side drainage for use on sloped sites. Removable bungs with hose fitting for indoor use with hose. Raises awareness of water pollution from slurry and council regulations. Allows council regulations to be enforceable, as there is now a practical solution. GECA certified Successful City Of Sydney trial Used on Grampian Trail for Parks Victoria