• 2018

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Petr Prochazka

Designed In:

Czech Republic

Skinners are innovative footwear designed for travel and sports enthusiasts. Their minimalistic shape combines the freedom of socks with the essential protection of shoes. Thanks to the compact size and a "second skin" feeling, Skinners can be used as primary or backup footwear for countless of outdoor or indoor activities.

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  • The reason to create Skinners was to provide people with a compact yet protective footwear for sports and traveling without all the bulk and weight of regular shoes. The challenge was not just how to create footwear that is easy to use, transport or maintain without sacrificing comfort, functionality, fit or safety but also footwear that reflect human kinematics, activate each muscle and tendon and let feet do their thing.

  • The design solution is basically "the sock-shoe fusion" - the compact yet functional product combining freedom and portability of socks with protection and durability of shoes. To do so, we developed and patented technology that (besides other things) uses no glues or seams that could fall apart over time and that makes Skinners washable. Despite their fragile look, thanks to the usage of anti-abrasive Swedish polymers and old tires Skinners guarantee that every pair can last up to 650 km (based on lab tests and customer reviews on ultra-long hikes).

  • We believe that what we have developed should already have been here a long time ago - something that helps us rediscover our own body, every muscle and every surface we move on. Paradoxically, we used technology to be ourselves. Our mission is to motivate others to spend their leisure time actively - traveling, walking in the countryside, doing sports. Inspiring the world with the new and unique solution we showed the technology does not bind us but liberates us instead. Now, we would like others to go and not to be afraid to push boundaries...

  • - zero-waste production process - phthalate-free (strictly according REACH EU norm and beyond), glue-free - particles of old tires are used in the second bottom layer to increase mileage/durability - partly cut-proof - water-resistant underside - handmade in the EU (Czech Republic)