SiteHive Hexanode

  • 2021

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    Commercial and Industrial

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The SiteHive Hexanode is a new type of of environmental monitoring device for construction. It’s an industry world-first, combining digital sensors with industry innovations to provide a device that’s small, easy-to-use and low cost. The Hexanode measures multiple environmental factors and allows people to better manage environmental impact.

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  • In a world undergoing unprecedented development, continuous construction has a detrimental effect on communities and stakeholders. The impact can be significant, with noise, dust and vibration all affecting workers, local communities, businesses and the environment. Construction projects have growing regulatory and stakeholder scrutiny, and everyone wants to reduce their environmental impact. Yet the current products used for environmental management are generally large, expensive, labour-intensive and require specialised technical knowledge to operate. To cope with an increased need to minimise and manage environmental impact, as well as increasing pressure to reduce costs, developers and contractors need new tools.

  • The SiteHive Hexanode makes it much easier, and more cost-effective, to pro-actively manage environmental impact. It combines multiple digital sensors (noise, dust, etc) in one device, and adds innovative features such as directional noise monitoring and cameras to identify sources. The SiteHive Hexanode has been designed so it's small and compact, and will withstand the rigours of a construction site for years. It's easy to set-up and use, requiring no technical knowledge, and is internet-enabled to provide real-time data automatically to SiteHive cloud-based software. It allows contractors to proactively manage environmental issues, reducing the impact on the environment and communities.

  • Social Impact: By pro-actively managing the environmental impact of construction projects, the SiteHive Hexanode helps to keep work teams and local communities safe, and reduce the overall environmental footprint and impact of projects. Commercial Impact: The device design provides a new paradigm that has allowed SiteHive to enter a new market and gain market share quickly, building a substantial client base of 50+ major projects in less than a year. Environmental Impact: SiteHive is reducing the environmental impact of major infrastructure construction projects across Australia. In addition, the device itself is designed to be re-used between projects and is solar-powered.

  • Industrial Design: The SiteHive Hexanode is designed to withstand years of uninterrupted operation on construction sites. It includes a robust, machined-nylon casing, designed to withstand harsh conditions and heavy handling. The SiteHive Hexanode is very simple to deploy - it's the only monitor on the market with no external buttons or interfaces, and is simply plug and play, and configured through cloud software. It's differentiated from other monitors by being small, compact and lightweight, so it can be moved easily to wherever monitoring is required. As well as being practical, the hexagonal design makes it distinctive, memorable and appealing. Electronic Design: SiteHive has designed and developed custom electronics, in the form of PCB boards, to enable individual electronic components (noise sensors, dust sensors, communications modules, etc) to operate symbiotically in the same device. SiteHive Software: SiteHive is an integrated hardware and software solution for the proactive management of environmental impact. Unlike existing tools, SiteHive software is an open, cloud-based ecosystem. It provides industry-specific workflows and is designed for simplicity, as well as easy and enjoyable use. It conveys complex data in elegant, easy-to-interpret graphs and images, so people can make confident decisions, based on real-time site data, from wherever they are.