ShotDot – Innovative Shot Recording Device

  • 2023

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    Commercial and Industrial

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ShotDot Pty Ltd

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ShotDot is a highly innovative shot recording device which accurately and reliably counts shots from a firearm whilst differentiating them from other forces such as weapon drops which occur in the line of duty. For the first time, crime scenes can be objectively reconstructed, improving evidence accuracy when prosecuting crime.

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  • Historically, the only method of investigating line of duty shootings was to follow the process of searching and counting shell casings, the number of bullets left in the clip, and relying on an officer’s memory in recalling the number of shots fired. The challenges therefore were to design a device that: modernised the investigation process by eliminating the factor of inevitable human error, coped with the unusual and slightly variable space within the pistol grip of the Glock, provided the functionality required within a very small form factor, being self-powered, and finally, meeting the demanding physical requirements during weapon operation

  • ShotDot is designed in a way which meets and surpasses all requirements of the brief, achieving a 99.9% accuracy rate in correctly identifying and recording shots during testing. It has minimal impact on user operations and is intuitive to install, requiring installation into a cavity in the Glocks grip and securing via grub screw. This allows for the formation of an IP67 rating compression seal, preventing ingress from water, oil, metal shavings, dust, dirt etc. ShotDot has a PCBA assembly over-moulded with slightly flexible rubber providing durability, retaining a consistent yet minimal profile, and minimising the cost of the device.

  • ShotDots innovative technology and design has revolutionised the way shot data is collected from firearms both in the line of duty and training. With every shot fired, ShotDot uniquely identifies and documents data for each bullet and is immediately stored and transferred to a database linked to every officer's gun. By documenting every shot, it allows no questions as to who shot, what order they shot, and what time they shot, providing extensive accuracy and transparency during an investigation. ShotDot is extensively used by law enforcement agencies in America, receiving accolades and being heralded as a truly ground-breaking device.

  • Other key design features - Robust design for harsh environments - IP67 rated - Clever self-sealing design on insertion - Easy access for battery replacement - Quick and simple installation and fastening - Optimised chassis and over mould design - Light and non-obstructive to the user - Optimised design for low COGs - Anti-tamper mechanism - Pre-emptive maintenance through device monitoring