Shipping Container Pools

  • 2021

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Jonavan Roux

Johannes Roux

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Shipping Container Pools are shipping containers repurposed as above ground swimming pools with access stairs, decking, a child-safety gate and a filtration system. This Australian pool design was created for properties otherwise unsuitable for an in-ground pool.

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Image: C. McConville
Image: C.McConville
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  • Building an in-ground pool needs to overcome a number of challenges such as slope of the land, accessibility for construction vehicles, quality of soil and costs involving third party building contractors. Our design challenge is to overcome these variables and to control the manufacturing of our pools, making them cost effective and meet engineering specifications so that they can be placed in any location with minimal site impact.

  • A shipping container pool is built entirely in our factory and is then delivered to the site directly, minimising costs and wastage, making it a more sustainable option. Our pools have been specifically engineered to be above ground and to be placed on a wide range of sites from level concrete to raised steel frames on slopes. The exterior shipping container structure facilitates hoisting and positioning by cranes and allows easy transport on standard trucks, reducing third party costs and further enabling accessibility to most sites.

  • Our product impacts positively socially, as it is financially more feasible and achievable by lower income families, raises property value, provides healthy entertainment and physical exercise and strengthens family bonds, thus improving people's quality of life. Commercially, our product impacts building and architectural design, as it has opened up innovative design and engineering possibilities that pushes pool industry boundaries. Our design allows us to minimise environmental impact as it is all built in one factory and delivered directly to sites minimising wastage, unnecessary transport and excessive site destruction and use of construction vehicles.

  • Our design is the first of its kind in the world and we have patented the design in Australia. Our pools are engineered and built with modern composite techniques, making them extremely durable and lightweight, not only allowing us to install them in unique site settings, but they also withstand the harsh climatic conditions of Australia. The design also allows us to easily transport them to other countries on ships and we have sent some to New Zealand, Vanuatu and PNG. The transportability further allows for our pools to be used for temporary functions and uses and these include training pools that we have provided for Kyle Chalmers (100m Swimming Gold Medalist) and the NSW Giants football team as well as the X-Cargo event in Brisbane. We have further engineered the design to include acrylic viewing windows that add another modern element. Being above-ground, the exterior of the pool further lends itself to being customised to suit individual design requirements.