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SENSE is the world’s first neckband headset that innovatively integrates heart rate and body temperature measurement functions. Developed in China, this product is designed to to improve people’s wellbeing and awareness during the coronavirus pandemic. The comfortable headset also features a high-quality audio performance.

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  • The past year has been unfortunate for all of us. The outbreak of coronavirus has completely changed our lifestyle. In this period, 233621 SENSE was developed, to let users be actively aware of their health and wellbeing. Encouraging young people to enjoy life healthily is the brand concept of 233621. Sense also adheres to the purpose of human-centered design, and it is a multi-purpose audio product that solves real problems.

  • Different from other temperature measuring products, SENSE can achieve continuous monitoring of body temperature and heart rate, at the same time, while enjoying a quality music experience. With a multi-sensor data fusion algorithm, it achieves heart rate and body temperature measurement error of only ±5bPM and ±0.1 degrees. Its accuracy is of medical standard. The measured data is automatically analyzed and sent to the APP; this gives the user accurate location, time, body temperate, and heart rate data, which helps in understanding their body data in this sensitive time.

  • Body temperature and heart rate are some of the first signals to tell your body health status. 233621 Sense integrated real-time body temperature and heart rate sensor, to let you have more information about your body situation. This helps with the new lifestyle we are living after the pandemic. It helps us be more aware of our health while providing a high-quality audio experience.

  • SENSE's lightweight design is convenient for users to carry and use. In appearance, it conforms to ergonomics to be worn comfortably in active use cases. The headset's design has a rounded shape and smooth lines. To reduce the chance of dirt and viruses building up on the product.