Seabin Project – Whole Solution Strategy

  • 2018

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How will we clean up the oceans if we cannot turn off the tap? The Seabin Group is addressing the ocean plastics crisis using a whole solution strategy. Combining Education, Science, Research, Technology, Community and Industry activities all aimed at changing consumer culture for cleaner oceans.

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  • Technology alone will not save our oceans or the environment from the impact humans have created. **A cultural change is needed, and we needed it yesterday**. The real challenge is how do you effectively help solve an issue as big as ocean plastics when there are so many elements in the problem?

  • # The Whole Solution combines * **Technology** for intercepting floating debris and surface oil before it enters our oceans * **Educational Programs** designed to interact with Technology so that our youth of today fully understand the issues and have a hands on experience * **Science and Research** programs using technology to understand ocean plastics and optimise the extraction technology . Seabin technology is capturing surface oils, micro plastics and micro fibers. * **Community** events such as beach cleanups, school visits and presentations * **Industry** - Our belief is that its more efficient to work with someone than against someone if there is a common issue involved.

  • The impact of Seabin´s whole solution strategy is rapidly scaling up on a daily basis. Seabin Group now has Seabins in over 11 countries with full educational, science, community and Industry programs with hundreds more locations set for 2018 1. Education: Over 100,000 students have been actively engaged 2. Technology: The Seabins predicted extraction of floating debris for 2018 is 3000 tons 3. Science & Research: Extraction of micro fibers using Seabin technology has proven successful. Research programs have been initiated to measure the positive/negative impact of these activities. 4. Community: Seabin interacted with over 45,000 students at the americas cup

  • **ECOPRENEURIAL ACTIVITY** Seabin Group, from the start has made the conscious decision to allocate 50% of its business activities to non profit activities and 50% to for profit activities. The response to this business model has been overwhelmingly positive with the majority of the Seabin clients requesting the whole solution strategy to implement in the various marinas the Seabins are to be installed in. **Seabins are currently being distributed to over 170 countries with over 3,500 Seabins on order.** The result of this has been an increase in community activities and support for both Seabin and its clients. **THE SEABIN** The Seabins filtration system has been refined to the point where each Seabin can catch. 1. **Macro Plastics** such as large plastic bags and 5 litre containers 2. **Micro Plastics** between 5mm and 2mm in diameter 3. **Micro Fibers** down to .335mm in size 4. **Surface Oils** and pollutants **CONSTRUCTION** 1. Currently Seabin Group are testing the use of **recycled fishing nets** to be used in the construction of the Seabins main plastic components. Results are due in May/June 2018. 2. Seabin´s have a 99% recyclability rate with the resin of the water pumps internal motor being non recyclable.