• 2021

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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Scitech (Charlotte Ivity)

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Scitech is WA’s leading STEM engagement organisation, based in Perth. The new website is the result of a highly collaborative and in-depth process to transform the Scitech experience online. The website is a huge step forward for the organisation, that promotes Scitech’s broad offerings and leadership in STEM education and encourages a highly engaged and exploratory user journey throughout.

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  • We worked closely with the client to identify opportunities for a modern UI that would engage users and meet the client's objectives of a contemporary look and feel while, playing a role in the evolution of the Scitech brand and demonstrating the client's authority and leadership in STEM education.

  • The website sets the benchmark for a modern user experience in their space and incorporates significant functional and design achievements throughout, including a highly customisable modular layout backed by a robust design system, and many bespoke layouts to suit the specific needs of the audience (Show Times, 30 Years of Scitech, The Sky Tonight, custom interactive maps). A comprehensive design system was developed for the website that would ensure consistency and offer a robust solution to content management and presentation throughout, utilising customisable modules as well as uniquely designed templates for key pages.

  • The website has had significant impact for the organisation across all criteria. It's continued to drive traffic online and to the centre itself, improving all metrics across sales, engagement and loyalty. The new website has expanded the ability to further promote STEM education beyond the physical centre, and has allowed Scitech to reach audiences that were previously difficult. By having more information and engagement online, this has also helped to reduce the organisation's physical footprint.

  • Given the audience and nature of the project, Accessibility was one of the primary considerations throughout the duration of the project. It is worth mentioning that the website has had an extensive Accessibility review by an external accessibility specialist (Dr Scott Hollier) upon launch to ensure the best possible outcome in this regard. Additionally, the site includes many uniquely designed elements and interactive components, such as interactive maps and landing pages (30 Years of Scitech and The Sky Tonight).