Samsung Smart AI Range

  • 2021

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    Domestic Appliances

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Samsung welcomes a new era of intelligent laundry solutions with the Smart AI range of Washing Machines, Dryers and Combos. The new range was designed in Korea, and uses innovative AI technology and wi-fi connectivity to deliver a simple, smart, personalised and energy efficient laundry experience.

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  • Australians use only 3.7 of 14 wash cycle options and are actively seeking intelligent and intuitive laundry solutions that make doing the laundry quick and simple. Customers are looking for a simple and efficient user experience and a number of innovative features, all encased in a sleek minimalist designed appliance. In response to this, Samsung has designed its Smart AI range of laundry solutions to complement the lives of busy, time-poor families who want to spend less time doing the laundry

  • Samsung's Smart AI range introduces innovative new features, such as AI-Pattern, to remember the user's washing habits and most frequently used cycles, and AI Wash, which uses four built-in sensors determine laundry weight and level of soiling to optimise the amount of water, detergent and rinse time. With remote connectivity and personalisation via machine learning, the routine task of doing the laundry has been simplified. The intelligence features remove the need for users to scroll through cycles to find the right option and also changes the design to be simple and uncomplicated by removing the all the buttons and icons.

  • The Samsung Smart AI range saves customers time, energy and water, positively impacting the customer and environment alike. Featuring a sleek and minimalistic design across the range, Smart AI systems hero a simple display panel that removes less frequently used cycles and complements the aesthetics of Australian homes. When matched with Samsung's Smart AI Dryer, the washing machine and dryer work together to give optimised results. With a simplified use process, the Smart AI range ultimately means users spend less time doing the laundry, leaving more time to spend on the things that matter most to them.

  • QuickDrive technology reduces the washing time by up to 50%, whilst saving up to 20% on energy usage. AddWash functionality addresses the key pain point of convenience by providing consumers with the option to open the door which will pause the cycle, at any time during the wash, to make any additions to the load. Whether that be forgotten garments or additionally detergent or fabric softener" Steam and Hygiene Cycles sanitise clothes, attacking germs and reducing up to 99.99% of certain common bacteria. BubbleWash technology activates detergent even in cold water saving energy and providing a thorough clean. For those with visual impairment, Samsung's Smart AI features Braille signs to allow users to recognise and distinguish different buttons on the touch panel. Super Speed cycle allows you to wash and dry in less than two hours, and Silent Dry, offers an integrated noise reduction system so it can be run even at night. The new dryer has 9-star energy-rated Heat Pump technology which is Samsung's most efficient yet. When matched with Samsung's Smart AI Dryer, the washing machine and dryer work together to give optimised results. Auto Cycle Link intelligently selects the correct drying cycle based on the wash cycle.