Samsung POWERstick™

  • 2018

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The new Samsung POWERstick™ cordless stick vacuum, delivers an incredible 150W suction to pick up dust, dirt and hair. It features EZClean technology for easy removal of trapped debris, ergonomic Flex Handle to reduce strain while reaching under low furniture, up to 40-min battery life, and a versatile two-in-one build.

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  • Vacuuming is a thankless task, with floors that seem to get dirty right after you’ve cleaned them. The stick market has taken off with consumers wanting a second, more convenient household vacuum for those quick in-between cleans. However, there are pain points with existing sticks vacuums, particularly around poor suction and tangles, short run time, and lack of maneuverability. But now there is a true stick vacuum challenger, with surprisingly strong suction power without compromising on run time. It flexes under more places with less strain on your body, and is easier to empty and clean.

  • The Samsung POWERstick combines 150W suction power with an ergonomic FlexHandle that reaches down low under furniture and should feel kinder on your back and wrist, meaning it delivers a comfortable and thorough clean. The addition of EZClean technology for the hygienic removal of any trapped dust or debris, including long hair, a two-in-one design that enables more areas to be cleaned by switching between “stick” and “handheld” modes, and long-lasting battery power, you’ll find yourself loving your POWERstick and leaving your canister in the cupboard more often.

  • The POWERstick’s powerful 150W means Australians can get a more thorough clean, while its agility and movability gets to more places with less strain on you. Plus, its long-lasting battery and optional second battery can mean continuous operation to get the job done.

  • 1. Washable Hygienic HEPA filtration Breathe easier and reduce risk of allergic reactions. The advanced HEPA Filtration system is designed to help minimise the release of dust back into the air during cleaning and is washable. 2. Removable Power Pack Battery Double your cleaning time without recharging. Simply remove the 32.4V Removable Power Pack Battery, replace it with a spare (sold separately) and extend your cleaning time to a total of up to 80 minutes. 3. Mini Motorised Tool (optional) Keep your furniture clean from dust and allergens. The Mini Motorised Tool fits small spaces and has a rotating brush that picks up tiny particles trapped in fabric. 4. Combination Tool Clean on a wide range of surfaces with a single tool. The Combination Tool has a debris nozzle that also converts to a brush for dusting.