Safe Lever Door Opener

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Safe Lever

Alexander Bezdek

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Safe Lever is a hands-free door opener designed for long term use in a commercial setting, aimed to stop the spread of surface contact germs in the office. It has been designed to fit many door levers with safety standards and accessibility in mind.

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Image: Dominic Spooner
Image: Alexander Bedzek
Image: Alexander Bedzek
Image: Alexander Bedzek
Image: Dominic Spooner
Image: Alexander Bedzek
Image: Dominic Spooner
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  • Pandemics come once every one hundred years. 2020's pandemic outbreak was the world's first in which a large part of the world's population lived and worked in close proximity. The challenge was to design a method to minimize hand contact and the spread of germs in high traffic contact areas such as door handles in the office. Further more, a solution which was low cost, easy to install, was universally accessible, compliant with fire safety standards, and able to be used for many cycles was missing from solutions already available.

  • Ember Design House has designed Safe Lever hands free door opener with full accessibility in mind, and fire safety requirements. It fits to many different door handles via the soft lever grips. The lever cup is ultra durable to allow even for vandalism, and requires only 2 screws to assemble in less than 5 minutes. Many 3d printed and open source solutions became available early in the pandemic, but they break easily, and often cover the handle making it difficult for people with disabilities to still access the regular handle should they need to.

  • The Safe Lever minimizes hand contact on high traffic areas, reducing the spread of germs between users in the office and in public places. Its accessible design ensures that workers of all abilities are considered, and that should a fire break out, it will not impede the exit of the office. Its durability ensures that it can be used long into the future without the need for regular replacement, and the need for specialized tools. Being universal to most door levers, it enables users to assemble without changing their doors or handles at all.

  • Safe Lever features extensive ribbing for durability and protection from vandalism, rubber gripping to allow for fitting to most lever types, and features no sharp edges to avoid any skin cutting.It's assembly requires only 2 provides screws and Allen key, and occupies only 12.5mm of a door lever, ensuring access to the existing handle should it be required at all times. It can be used on push and pull doors.