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The RTM is a modular, upgradeable, and simultaneous charging-capable fast charger designed to rapidly power electric vehicles (EVs). Capable of charging any EV, this self-contained product gives businesses an opportunity to join the e-mobility revolution with the flexibility of a 25kW, 50kW, or 75kW charger.

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  • Our brief was to create a more accessible charging experience, improve field serviceability, and increase safety features. The brief also required providing our customers with greater data transparency and the flexibility to easily upgrade the charger as site needs change, allowing them to better serve the new wave of electric cars coming to the market with higher voltages. To execute these requirements, we introduced new features, while retaining the core components of our existing products that our customers have come to know and love, like IP65-rated enclosures, liquid cooling, small footprint, and unique aesthetic.

  • Greater accessibility with 3m and 6m cable options and integrated management system. Reduced field service through single-person-lift power modules and quick-open, IP65-sealed enclosure. Third-party IEC and UL certified to the latest safety standards, and door and tilt sensors connectable to a disconnect to de-energise in emergencies. Data transparency with optional DC meter for superior power delivery measurement. Greater flexibility with field-upgradeable 25kW, 50kW, and 75kW power options, capability to simultaneously charging two vehicles, and connector choices (CCS1, CCS2, and CHAdeMO). These innovations empower customers to customise the charger to their space, improving the current "one size fits most" industry solutions.

  • Tritium develops and deploys low-emissions technology where people live, work, and play, in pursuit of a vision of cleaner, healthier, and more convenient cities. With installation in under two hours, single-person field serviceability, DC meter data insights, and many customisation options available, we've reduced setup, operation, and maintenance costs to increase our customers' return on investment. The RTM also provides a fast charge and improves the refuelling experience with driver-friendly features like Plug and Charge, enabling EVs and chargers to communicate, authenticate, and transact via the charging cable. Pairable with solar energy and battery storage, the RTM facilitates zero-emission transportation.

  • Easy software integration via Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), validated through our customer onboarding team to ensure the charger is ready to go from the first power up. Capable of "Whisper Mode" allowing the charger to be de-rated to meet noise abatement requirements. Charge status indicator light options to signify to drivers if the unit is available for use. Two-year standard warranty with extension options available up to five years. Options to include a DC meter to comply with Eichrecht, a German calibration law for EV charging. The RTM has been designed for ease with installations in under two hours, cable changes in 30 minutes or less, and the IP65-rated and sealed charger can be opened in 35 seconds or less.