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The Roxanne is a beautifully crafted set of luminaires intended for professional or home use. The development process was unwaveringly committed to creating an exceptional light tool that takes advantage of Nimbus’s years of expertise in LED technology. The form is simple and pure, while the technology is captivating. Smart, sophisticated and stylish, Roxxane is available in brilliant white, shades of anodised silver, black and luminous red. Roxxane – put on your red dress!

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  • Looking at Roxxane it's easy to tell what this light is about - it has a job to do and it does it seamlessly. The pure lines and sharp colours help create a work space that has direction and style, whether you're at home or in the office. Bowing its head to the desk, Roxxane gives a nod to work ethic, style and class.

  • The beauty of Roxxane is revealed when the user engages with the light. Its purpose is obvious, but its function is beyond that of any other desk light. Every detail and technical component has been explored, leaving nothing less than perfect. The product adjusts flawlessly due to finely calibrated friction joints, while the head of the luminaire can be tilted through 270 degrees, so the light falls where it is wanted. NIMBUS's expertise in LED technology results in the ideal level of light for office work, reading, and ambiance. The light can be adjusted with a simple wave of the hand, gradually moving it from bright office light to a dim light.

  • The Roxxane uses NIMBUS's expertise in LED technology to shed its light. It passes all the required safety tests and thanks to the LED, is able to function at a low voltage. A new technology is used to keep the head of the luminaire cool and at a low temperature so the user can touch and move the light easily. Roxxane has a cool head.

  • NIMBUS uses pure materials, such as aluminium, which can be easily recycled. The LED light gives the product a long life (approximately 50,000 hours), and the quality of the product means it is built to last. Nimbus products are built for an easy disassembly so they can be recycled in the distant future.

    Nimbus is a German company and their manufacturing is of the highest standard, down to the paint used on their products. The quality is evident when the user adjusts the lamp with it's sliding, frictionless joint. With 1063 lumens, the luminaire's utilised flux complies with the recommendations for work surface lighting and can be adjusted using touchless gesture control. Every detail has been addressed - the diffuser service is made of polycarbonate for glare suppression, making the light easy on the human eye.

    The Roxxane is one of the most successful products in the history of Nimbus. The price point reflects the quality, the craftsmanship, and the impressive engineering involved in the creation of the luminaire. The Nimbus brand is extended by the design, as is KODA's, as Roxxane is the epitome of what both companies represent - stunning, quality lighting that lasts.

    There are two impressive innovative features that help the Roxxane stand out from the crowd. a) Cooling is a major issue in LED luminaires. Keeping the light from over heating is crucial in order it to reach its extraordinary longevity and efficiency. The head of the Roxxane houses a unique solution: a sophisticated mini-architecture for air circulation, which cools as the light is in use. b) The Roxxane has uses a special friction joint that allows exceptional manoeuvrability. The 3D-joint can be rotated through 270°, enabling the user to move the head of the luminaire in any direction. The result? A high degree of flexibility and glare-free work space, with a light that will not tip over in any position.