realme X2 Pro Master Edition (Concrete&Red Brick)

  • 2020

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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Designed by realme and Naoto Fukasawa, realme X2 Pro Master Edition is perfectly elegant on the outside and ultra-powerful on the inside, with flagship processor Snapdragon 855 Plus and industry-leading lacquered glass coating technology. Meanwhile, the design inspiration comes from ordinary architecture elements, red bricks and concrete.

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  • realme and Naoto Fukasawa insist on the rule that design inspirations can be explored in daily life. This time, we focus on architectures because people interact with various buildings every day but rarely appreciate or take notice of them. Therefore, realme X2 Pro Master Edition is created with the inspiration of architectural elements, red bricks and concrete. As building materias, red bricks and concrete have long history and have greatly influenced people’s life. The biggest challenge is to restore the color and texture of red bricks and concrete while maintaining differentiation in the smartphone industry.

  • Firstly, only glass with high light transmittance can meet the requirements of the design. In order to create a visual impact of red bricks and concrete, Naoto and realme come up with Soft Frosted Glass Design. The conflicting aesthetic sense can be realized by combining paint with glass. However, paint and glass have poor compatibility. realme applies special glue and combines glass and custom RP paint. With industry-leading lacquered glass coating technology and crystal clear glass, it reproduces sign of master and meets Naoto's high standards. After 32 stages of sanding and testing, the result is the wonderful frosted glass.

  • realme X2 Pro Master Edition literally brings flagship experience of performance and design. The outstanding craftsmanship applied to the smartphone incredibly reveals the high-end luxury and complexity of the design process. The integration of Naoto Fukasawa’s "Unconscious Design" and realme's "Real Design" has generated much enlightenment to the design of smartphones, or even to the whole industrial design. The concept of depriving from the details of life, being people-oriented, removing redundancy, returning the design to functionality and simplicity, has set a good design example for the industry and will also inspire more designers to create more excellent works.

  • realme X2 Pro Master Edition comes with a dewdrop full display and gathers front camera and sensor together at the “dewdrop” on the top of the screen, reaching an ultra-high 91.7% screen-to-body ratio by 1.95mm ultra-narrow frame and 4.3mm narrow chin design. What’s more, the screen is made from Corning Gorilla Glass 5, making it robust and highly durable. Besides, it is powered by flagship processor, Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform, enabling a powerful flagship experience. As for cameras, it features a Hawk-Eye Zoom Quad camera set-up consisting of a 64MP main lens, a 2x optical zoom lens, an 8MP 115° Super Wide-Angle Anti-Distortion lens and a portrait lens. The Super Nightscape 2.0 makes it work perfectly even at night. realme X2 Pro Master Edition has dual surround sound speakers paired with Dolby Atmos technology and brings the whole new surround sound effects. Meanwhile, it also features Certified Hi-Res Sound Quality providing better sound effects. Being equipped with Super VOOC 50W Flash Charge technology, realme X2 Pro Master Edition can get full battery in 35 minutes. And it only enquires an average of 0.23s to unlock the phone because of the fingerprint unlocking technology.