• 2020

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    Medical and Scientific

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REALITi is an innovative modular simulation ecosystem incorporating an advanced patient monitor simulator which mimics proprietary monitors and defibrillators from multiple suppliers with live video streaming, CPR feedback and simulated patient records. Delivering a hyper-realistic interface for both display and hardware, REALITi has proven an extremely valuable teaching aid.

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  • iSimulate’s ultimate vision was to develop a robust, cost effective, portable and realistic advanced simulation training unit for use anywhere, anytime. By eliminating the restrictions of an indoor teaching centre, REALITi looked to provide First Aid training in realistic emergency environments, whilst also reducing the overall cost of Advanced Life Support and First Aid training courses.

  • With an integrated PSU and wireless network connection, REALITi provides a portable, smart and robust simulation platform for Patient Monitors, Vital Sign Monitors and Defibrillators, currently used by organizations across the world. Using the best available technology and actual simulation accessories/hardware, REALITi is extremely realistic in its presentation and physical interaction, offering a true and valuable teaching platform anywhere, anytime, cost effectively. It’s portability and modular solution allows for easy access to all components and the flexibility to integrate new technologies when available.

  • Its portability allows medical educators to conduct training and evaluation in-situ in real-world environments like an ambulance, helicopter, outdoor accident scene or hospital setting, rather than just in a training centre. Hyper-realistic interfaces and platform affordability makes medical training more accessible to a wider community and help better prepare users and students as to the anticipated challenges their daily duties will bring.

  • Users can choose from many simulated proprietary patient monitor screens to provide training on the vital sign monitors used in real life hospital and emergency settings. The modular platform is purposefully designed to accommodate various iPad Pro models, features independent wireless network connectivity and power management for use anywhere. It’s unique cable management between the PVC side pockets and main storage compartment caters for any cable/tube size and protects their connection against excessive tension. The side pockets double zippers allow easy access from both sides of the unit. The REALITi carry-on bag provides additional storage and convenience of support teaching materials while in transit.