• 2021

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Transking Innovations

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Designed for side curtain trucks, the Quickstrap is a load securing system that increases driver safety and increases operating efficiency for trucking and logistics companies.

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  • The Quickstrap encourages safe work practices by removing the current method of throwing a winch strap upwards of 4 metres, and climbing into the truck to either position and re-position a winch strap when securing palletised goods - Reducing the risk of physical harm at work or damaging goods.

  • Incorporating an in-built cabling design, the slim form neatly fits within the roof, allowing uninterrupted forklift access - Maximising the loading height unlike existing bungy restraint systems. With a controlled release, the winch strap is dropped where you need it, safely, all the time. It is non-straining retrieval position gives the operator an ergonomic and simpler physical practice. The auto retractable return, winching is now only required from one side of the truck - drastically improving productivity when delivery access is not always possible.

  • Australian designed and manufactured, it's engineered to handle our tough Australian conditions. The Quickstrap features robust materials with minimal moving parts for longevity in the field. Simply disassembled, it is easily serviceable or individually separated for Quickstrap's recycling stewardship program. With the cost of inaction on injured drivers to logistic company's, the Quickstrap daily use is a company, is an assurance to the wellbeing of their staff, greatly improving workplace safety and preserves the longevity of equipment, allowing for returning drivers of all physical ability to participate in the workforce - Improving company competitiveness and employee engagement.

  • With several units required on one truck, the placement gives the forklift operator visual alignment cues when unloading - Giving an easy and clear direction of pallet placement, that is normally restricted from loose cabling hanging from the roof, typical of a bungy restraint system. One of the key features of the Quickstrap is the controlled release trajectory. The operator can control the traversing speed of the winch strap on the carriage, and engage the spring loaded end to jump off the winch strap (upwards of 1kg) in a safe and desired height for reach by hand. Without this control, logistic companies are relying on their operators to engage the restraints on strict timeframes, often being thrown to keep up with delivery schedules.