Projecta Power-Hub

  • 2017

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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Projecta Power-Hub is an innovative portable power device, providing versatility and flexibility to a host of applications where power is required off-road and off-grid.

Offering a pure sine wave inverter, multiple accessory connections, 2.4″ colour screen with patented battery monitoring capability the Power-Hub is the ultimate off-grid portable power source.

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  • Power-Hub features an innovative 2.4" LCD screen which boasts an easy to use built in intelligent battery monitor to provide comprehensive information on the battery including: the predicted state of charge, battery health, time to full charge and time to empty as well as programmable low battery capacity and battery health alarms. Patented self-learning technology is used to determine the battery capacity and health over the life of the battery and this same technology is used to automatically select the chemistry of the battery e.g. Wet, AGM, Gel or Calcium.

  • An amazing 10 power outlets have been built into the Power-Hub providing total freedom to charge or power multiple devices simultaneously. The power outlets include a 240V AC 300 Watt socket providing clean 'Pure Sine Wave' power, 2 x 2A USB sockets, 2 x 10A cigarette lighter sockets, 2 x 15A Merit sockets, 1 x 10A Engel type socket, 1 x 50A Heavy Duty socket and DC terminals, all protected under a weatherproof flip down cover.

  • The versatile Projecta Power-Hub is ideal for powering appliances on caravanning trips or around the campsite including fridges, radios, lighting and other appliances. For the 4WD and Leisure camper the Power-Hub is an excellent simple alternative to dual battery systems particularly as vehicles become more advanced and fitting a secondary battery with sufficient capacity is becoming more difficult with limited space in the engine bay. Its portable nature also allows it to be taken away from the vehicle. On the worksite, Power-Hub provides the ultimate alternate power supply providing power for fridges, stereo system as well as powering and charging work equipment such as battery powered tools etc.

  • The Projecta PH125 Power-Hub is the result of perfect design and development of a product to make life easier. Its user friendly design includes an ergonomically styled housing made of sturdy glass reinforced plastic with convenient rubberised handles doubling as tie downs. The configuration of the sockets is such that all the outputs that are connected and disconnected regularly are positioned conveniently on one side close to the full colour LCD screen. Input and output sockets which generally remain connected share the other side with the result that the unit does not need to be moved around. Weatherproof covers shield the plugs and sockets and have a special slot to allow cables to remain plugged in.