Project Series

  • 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Aspect Furniture


Designed In:

New Zealand

The Project Series is what you get when a love of sustainability is combined with a love of ideas. Project Series is a highly functional, modular furniture system, designed to receded into the background—allowing ideas to take centre stage.

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  • We’ve all endured corporate furniture that appeared a good idea in theory, but fell short. Flimsy whiteboards on wheels taking up space in the corner of a meeting room come to mind. Poorly designed furniture can stifle creativity and collaboration. Project Series is our response — a system that meets the needs of a contemporary office. Flexibility. Agility. Simplicity. With modern work demanding collaboration, furniture must to do more. It needs to bring people together, help visualise ideas and push projects forward. Project Series is a furniture system that enables a new way of working.

  • Designed, prototyped and developed in a working design studio, this fully modular suite of furniture is made to move with the ebbs and flows of modern business environments — while being conscious of the environment in its materials. The system enables you to rethink your space. Everyday. It can quickly and easily be rearranged to form collaborative work-spaces, expand wall-space, and solve storage issues. Whether it's headspace or physical space, we know space to think is constantly in high demand. With the Project Series, we’ve thought about the minute details so the people using it can focus on what matters.

  • The Project Series is an enabler. It helps transform ideas from vapour to viable products and services. It enables people to work together, to visualise their thinking and create collaboratively. The system's flexibility enables a new way of working and is a canvas for creativity. To develop the Project Boards & Project Whiteboards we developed an environmentally friendly and uniquely laminated cardboard sheet through a custom manufacturing process. The result is an innovative peg board system that is durable, lightweight and recyclable.

  • With specifically cut holes and each board weighing only 5kgs, both hanging and handling is a breeze. It’s possible to hang up to 5x boards on a single set of pegs to truly maximise space. Project Series components are built to last. The robust, considered design will withstand repeated reassembly and countless moves. All units in the range are modular, intentionally designed to fit together seamlessly. Aspect Furniture & the Project Series has certification from Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) and our products are aligned with the Green Star rating tool.