Port Melbourne Football Club Sporting and Community Facility

  • 2019

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

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City of Port Phillip Council

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Completed in 2015, Port Melbourne Football Club Sporting and Community Facility, Victoria, Australia, is a single storey building commissioned by the local City of Port Phillip Council to provide a multipurpose space accessible to all.

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  • k20 Architecture recognises that sport and design are intrinsically linked and as such aimed to create a facility that would inspire current and future guests not only onto the playing field but also into the club. The design concept was to create a building reflective of its surroundings. The form of the building echoes the industrial context of the vernacular seen in the local context of Port Melbourne. The ‘V’ form that appears on the East and South elevations was adopted as a subtle reference to the buildings purpose as home to VFL.

  • Port Melbourne Football Club (PMFC) has a proud history spanning 140 years, which makes it one of the oldest sporting clubs in Australia. The club has continued its proud and rich history positioned at the centre of its community but more recently the club’s supporter heartland base has reduced. Over the last 15 years Port Melbourne's workhouses and industrial facilities have given way to luxury apartments, cafes and boutique retail outlets. K20 Architecture delivered a new typology in sporting and community facility design that would enable the cultural and financial success of the club.

  • Since the completion of the new facility Victorian Football League (VFL) major games are now televised on national television from the PMFC ground, with each match attracting larger crowds. The new building has been included in a range of national television advertisements and international cricket games are now played at the grounds. The facility was selected from a nationally recognised industry leader, Peter Rowlands Catering Group, to be part of their suite of Distinctive Venues. It also serves a great service both for sporting events and a meeting place for the local and broader community.

  • The selection of materials for the project was based on the team's design aim to maximise the use of materials sourced locally and with longevity.