Planika Intelligent Fire – Zero Emission Specialist Heating

  • 2021

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    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Chris George

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United States of America

Planika Intelligent Fire is a specialist BEV technology fireplace that produces zero emissions, making it perfect for carbon neutral buildings. Designed in the United States of America, this product only requires an electrical connection for installation.

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  • Globally countries such as the UK, Netherlands, New Zealand among others are banning wood and gas fires due to pollution and cost. Planika is fuelled by renewable sources of energy with power and biofuel. Planika fireplaces produce zero emissions and therefore no pollutants or oxides. In over 80+ countries around the world we are recognised as the sustainability preferred specialist heating technology by Architects & Designers.

  • Planika Fireplaces have a patented BEV technology which with the help of firmware and technology design we convert biofuel into the vapour only. This vapour is what has contact with the flame therefore producing zero emissions, no smell, no oxides and requiring no ventilation or flue. Our products connect to any smart home system with full functionality and safety management. Planika Fireplaces have over 13 safety sensors measuring the environment and the performance of the product at all times.

  • Planika Intelligent Fires prides itself on being the only fireplace and specialist heating products to have zero environmental impact. Producing Zero Emissions help the building and design industry to achieve 6+ Star Energy Ratings and avoids accidents when it comes to CO2 leaks and faulty gas appliances. Our biofuels are produced by natural sustainable farm producers. Our standard or custom products are constantly innovating to be at the forefront of Architects & Designs who are socially conscious when designing electric only & carbon neutral developments throughout the world.

  • - BEV Technology - Zero Emission & clean combustion process - Only a power outlet required for installation - 13 safety sensors - Easy installation - Remote Control - Smart Home Control - Standard Sizes - Custom Sizes - Colour, Shape, Length