Place Collection

  • 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Ross Gardam

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Place offers a functional, modular platform to connect, experience, and create. At the heart of the collection is a desire to bring people together and support creativity in an environment that is smart, agile, and intuitive. Place’s collection of lounges and accessories blur the line between residential and commercial space.

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Image: Mr. P Studios
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
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  • The objective of the Place collection was to develop a flexible, modular workplace seating solution with a softer aesthetic. The Place lounge address the need for modular, movable furniture in the workplace. The product creates agile working environments that can quickly adapt to service new tasks in a short amount of time.

  • Made of simple modular elements, the Place collection can simply clip and zip together. The final forms that were achievable with the standard elements exceeded the brief. Secondly, the overall refined aesthetic, which was driven heavily from the rear cushion, exceeded the initial brief.

  • Currently, the Place is the first type of product on the market, which offers this level of flexibility combined with the soft, refined aesthetic. The product can change its form and hence perform different tasks multiple times during the day. As this product has only just been released, the overall impact can’t yet be defined; however, we are confident the product will outperform expectations.

  • Place is endlessly modular with ottomans, lounges, arms, and backs all designed to fit the needs of any space across numerous functions. Multiple back and arm heights provide varying levels of privacy, from casual to full privacy spaces. Curved units enable circular meeting spaces and organic floorplan configurations. Place also allows for the creation of focused working spaces, which easily reconfigure to suit the next task or meeting. Each individual seat unit locks together via a detachable joiner bracket located on the lounge underside. The design also allows the backs to zip together to create a more permanent configuration.