Pioneer Platform

  • 2020

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Commissioned By:

Rhino-Rack Australia PTY LTD

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Rhino-Rack’s Pioneer platform increases the utility and flexibility of your vehicle with new customization options, flexibility and strength in a light weight modular design. Infinitely adjustable, the platform can be quickly fitted to a multitude of vehicles without compromising aesthetic appeal or require bespoke modifications.

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Image: Dion Lane; Ben Hathaway
Image: Dion Lane; Ben Hathaway
Image: Dion Lane; Ben Hathaway
Image: Dion Lane; Ben Hathaway
Image: Dion Lane; Ben Hathaway
Image: Dion Lane; Ben Hathaway
Image: Dion Lane; Ben Hathaway
Image: Dion Lane; Ben Hathaway
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  • Similar products in the market have limited adjustability, and/or require adapting hardware, or bespoke (sometimes destructive) modifications during installation. Either problem results in carrying unnecessary weight (reducing cargo capacity) or increased time and cost of installation. The new Pioneer had to be infinitely adjustable to fit new vehicles, eliminate as many required vehicle specific components and be compatible with a wide variety of fitment strategies. Thus, future proofing the design for many years to come. We endeavored to offer customers a refined design, in line with modern standards and new customization options to explore their world, their way.

  • Every aspect of the new Pioneer was designed to improve from the ground up to address previous shortcomings. - A cleverly designed structure makes the system infinitely adjustable to suit any vehicle without bespoke modification. - New mounting channels offer new opportunities for accessories and customization. - Improved instructions and installation method reducing installation times. - Included new tools and unique features which ensure each fit is correct the first time. - New corner design allows for new customization options. - Hidden wiring channels keep the look & aerodynamics clean. - Hidden fasteners throughout. - Pre-assembled and flat-pack version are available (no changes to design or components).

  • Commercial Impact: - Improved installation process & time make the Pioneer the platform of choice for the installer. - The improved design reduces support costs for the product range. - Reduction in the of number of variants required to suit vehicles in the market. Sustainability Impact: - Eliminated mixed material components, making the product easily recycled at end of life. - Reduced overall packaged volume, increasing packing density, reducing shipping, storage and distribution volumes. - Significantly reduced single use plastic packaging materials. - Eliminated the use of plastic foam packing materials. - Swapped to sustainable and easily recyclable materials in packaging.

  • New Corner Features - Features added for installation of surface mount switches and electronics. - Concealed wiring pathways into perimeter extrusions. Integrated Measuring Strip - On the underside of the platform we have an Integrated measuring system. - This eliminates errors when positioning the cross bars (used to mount to vehicle). - Ruler printed on the underside of side extrusions. - Crossbars include window with indicator to view ruler. - Installers can now confidently locate and secure cross bars into position - no drilling required. - Eliminated mixed material components for packaging, all packaging is recyclable. - Pioneer assembly can be easily broken down at end of life for recycling, closing the product life cycle.