Philips Satinelle Prestige

  • 2018

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Gentle and convenient, Satinelle Prestige is a wet and dry epilator for legs, body and face, offering more functionalities like body exfoliation brush and massager for long-lasting smoothness.

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  • The brief was to introduce an epilation range that addresses different global consumers’ needs; general improvement regarding long lasting smoothness and gentleness. The challenge was to design a wet and dry epilator for legs, body and face with extra body care attachments expressing the new design language for our Beauty products.

  • With its unique, elongated S shape handle, the Satinelle Prestige makes it easy to manoeuver and reach unwanted hair on every part of the body for the most effortless epilation. With accessories designed for even more precision and better results, the Body Massager rotates firmly to relax muscles and the Body Exfoliation Brush removes dead skin cells more effectively than manual treatment. The ceramic discs of the Satinelle Prestige grab hair firmly, but remain gentle enough for close shaves in sensitive areas, removing unwanted facial hair as well as underarm and bikini areas.

  • Satinelle Prestige is designed to be: Caring: To enhance more conveniently body care routine; Innovative: Our epilator head is unique in being made from micro-ridged ceramic discs that grab even the finest hairs firmly; And it is the first epilator with an S-shaped handle to help you steer all over your body with natural and precise movements. Impactful: The ceramic discs have a micro-ridged surface allowing it to firmly grab hair, preventing hair from slipping and thus unremoved. The improved disc shape ensures closer skin contact.

  • Exceptional results: • Epilation head of unique ceramic material for better grip • Extra wide epilator head Easy and effortless usage: • Cordless wet and dry for use in bath or shower • Opti-light helps you target and remove even trickiest hairs • First epilator with S-shaped handle Personalized body and face care routines: • Pedi electric foot file with rotating disc • Body exfoliation brush removes dead skin cells • Body massager to relax and for a radiant looking skin • Includes trimming head and bikini comb • Facial area and delicate area cap to remove unwanted hairs • Includes massage cap