Philips GreenPerform Highbay Gen5

  • 2022

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    Furniture and Lighting

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The connected indoor luminaire features a balance of beauty and functionality within a simple silhouette. The heat sinks connecting the inner and outer of the luminaire capture thermal updrafts for better dissipation performance. It provides higher efficiency, longer lifetime and smart connectivity for many indoor industrial applications.

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  • The luminaire is designed to target many uses for indoor industrial applications, where cold storage is especially considered. Design team needs to provide a suitable design solution to meet the need of applications with considering the perspectives from both business and engineering, including an upgrade in specifications with cost optimization and maintaining the elegancy of the brand, compactness in size with a reduction in tools, material and weight to make it an all-round player that takes sustainability into account.

  • The design solution is an inter-disciplinary effort, especially on the new value proposition that leads the work of engineering and design. A new inner structure is worked out for better waterproof efficiency, and industrial design harmonizes engineering with aesthetic elements to make the luminaire robust yet elegant. The luminaire is given a simple silhouette where the heat sinks integrate the top and bottom housings and serve as a decorative element. The LED panel is redesigned to improve light distribution and lumen output, yet the material and tools have been kept to a bare minimum for sustainability and cost optimization.

  • Business & Social: The hero launch was introduced in Australia and New Zealand. The product range has received a significant amount of purchase orders and has been populated in the global market with its high specifications at a competitive price. It can also be extended and connected to the Interact smart system. Sustainability: The weight and size are reduced to a bare minimum which saves materials, tools, packages and other costs. In terms of manufacturing process and assembly, the structures have been simplified to only three parts. The assembling procedure was optimized to reduce the waste of resources and improve efficiency.

  • User Benefit: The circular form factor is friendly to accommodate all the target applications, including cold storage, where broad and efficient light distribution from a compact luminaire helps create a safer working environment with cleaner visual perception. Aesthetics: The form features a round silhouette, where the heat sinks are rested to integrate the top and bottom housings. Doing so makes the heat sinks serve as a decorative element to capture the heat circulating path and enlarge contact areas for better thermal performance. Functional: The decorative heat sink design effectively captures the heat circulating path and thermal updrafts, enabling the entire housing as contact areas for better thermal performance. Other Benefits: Compact yet Powerful, a lap-top sized body with up to 35,000-lumen output, IP65 waterproof and dustproof ratings. Sustainability: with this comprehensive design, the weight and size are reduced to a bare minimum which saves materials, tools and packaging.