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Perform@AMP is a system of deeply human interactions, new habits, and helpful tools that fit together to help people become an organisation that is more networked, agile, customer centric, and more expert at delivering the experiences that drive the business. It helps us perform by always learning and improving together.

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  • Our new performance philosophy is: "Performance is always learning and improving together" To move away from an annual review cycle to one that is more ongoing, employees need an approach that is flexible and dynamic.Our philosophy reflects what we believe high level performance is required. It facilitates the connection of different parts of the business by a shared stance around what it takes to succeed at AMP.

  • The Deal is an agreement between an individual and their leader about the individual's work focus and check-in rhythm. The explicit agreement and written 'contract' created by The Deal is deceptively simple in its effectiveness. The Deal provides recommendations of four types of conversations that each individual should have with their leader: 1. Progressing the work 2. Setting up for success

  • In order to understand global best practice on coaching, they are now provided with instruction on leveraging growth mindsets and a coaching-based approach to management. However, training is not enough. We found that managers need a platform to check-in with each other periodically to share notes on what is good and what is bad demonstrations of promises in order to 'calibrate' and learn what is good performance.

  • “Conversations” are seen as the method for tracking and developing performance at AMP. Regular quality conversations help managers and employees avoid surprises and course correct as needed. In the end, performance is assessed and agreed between the individual and their leader.