PEAK Inverted Incense Burner

  • 2021

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Commissioned By:

ROU House

Designed In:


The Peak Inverted Incense Burner by ROU turns the quiet practice of burning incense on its head. By concealing the incense stick inside a minimal and handcrafted aluminium vessel, the polished brass lid creates a gentle flow of smoke and fragrance. Designed in Australia, PEAK celebrates materiality and daily rituals.

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  • The overall project goal and brief was to re-imagine the way incense behaves with the built environment. Consider the ritual and process of burning incense and create a unique object that celebrates materiality, local manufacturing and the value of good design.

  • This object responds to the way we behave in an ever-changing built environment. Considering the function of burning incense and exploring new ways to control the experience. This new approach demonstrates a user-centred approach to object design, placing the function and user interaction at the core of the concept.

  • The homewares / Object space is heavily saturated with an array of products that often build on previous typologies and perceived functions. The Peak Inverted Incense burner literally flips this narrative and delivers a truly unique sensory experience.

  • This project celebrates the value of collaboration in the design process. The PEAK incense burner was a genuine expression of collaboration, material research, and engineering. SKEEHAN studio assembled a creative team and partnered with some exceptional local manufactures to developed this product.