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The OZTENT Stratus Double Self Inflating Mattress was designed for campers to provide maximum sleep comfort, rapid inflation, and compact storage. Developed in Australia, the key to its construction is the OZTENT AeroFrame Foam Core™. This unique, patent-pending, high quality internal foam with specifically cut triangulated channels designed to accommodate to an individual’s size, shape and weight.

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  • At the Oztent Group we live and love the outdoors; and helping make it an accessible and enjoyable experience for all. But as much fun as it is we know that camping, especially the inability to have a comfortable night's sleep is a deterrent for many and if sharing a bed, it can be even worse. Consequently, we have designed and developed a new mattress [available as an XL Single or Double] to remedy this. Fast, easy, and compact in use, the thinking that has gone into making it the most comfortable mattress available for camping sets it apart.

  • Called the 'selfish product' by our Product Development Manager, who had a broken back and has a wife who hates his constant tossing and turning when camping, this mattress is 'next level' when it comes to sleep comfort while camping. Most people move about twenty times a night to avoid pressure overloading and muscle soreness. The 30D stretch fabric surface helps you roll easily, while the unique OZTENT AeroFrame dampens vibrations from your movements to minimise partner disturbance; and reduces hips and lower back stress by preventing them from sinking too deep into the mattress when sleeping on your sides.

  • Social: By removing a significant deterrent to camping [poor sleep] you are allowing more people to experience and enjoy nature. Especially those who enjoy getting away but suffer sore backs when doing so. Additionally, a good sound nights sleep, makes for friendlier, happier, more alert campers overall. Commercial: It is anticipated that this new mattress will grow OZTENT's share of awareness and profitability in the outdoor and camping bedding market. Environmental: Allowing more people to experience and appreciate the beauty and nature of Australia leads to more people wanting to maintain and protect it.

  • The R&D behind the development of the OZTENT AeroFrame Foam Core™ was informed by advanced aeronautical sleep design and experts in the field. It uses precisely cut triangulated channels designed to accommodate the size, shape and weight of each sleeper and delivers full form support so an individual can twist and turn without disturbing their partner. Additional advantages include: Adjustable mattress firmness. Dual direction Pack Assist Valve™ for rapid inflation/deflation and compact storage. A lightweight carry bag, that doubles as bellows for easy additional inflation - free of puff. A lighter, more durable camp mattress.