Origami Light

  • 2023

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Katherine Brennan

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The Origami Light evolved from cut paper experimentation. The design is sculptural, unique, playful and versatile. It emits a warm white light of adjustable intensity from the void beneath the shroud. The illuminated interior contrasts with the shadow-cloaked exterior, unless washed with indirect light from another source.

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Image: Tess Kelly
Image: Tess Kelly
Image: Tess Kelly
Image: Tess Kelly
Image: Tess Kelly
Image: Tess Kelly
Image: Tess Kelly
Image: Tess Kelly
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  • The Origami Light fills a noticeable void in the market for lighting that has sculptural presence and creates ambience without compromising its primary function - to deliver light of variable levels, including operationally bright when desired. It is a light which is distinctive and timeless with broad appeal, one that harnesses leading technology with the capacity to accommodate new innovations. Made from materials and componentry selected for functionality, longevity, fabrication considerations and transportation efficiency, the design is adaptable and seeks to minimise obsolescence.

  • The Origami Light has a dramatic presence, unique form and broad appeal which transcends trends. A range of sizes, drops and finishes makes it adaptable. A sculpture by day, by night it creates ambience while retaining the ability to illuminate brightly when desired. A COB LED strip beneath the shroud provides uniform, diffused, energy-efficient light whose intensity is adjusted by the driver’s associated app. This app also provides a variety of programming options. Concealed fixings enable disassembly to facilitate alterations and unlikely repairs - the materials and componentry are selected for performance and longevity.

  • The Origami Light is unique, versatile and sculptural. It enhances the functionality and ambience of a space, its appeal and associated value and the experience of its occupants. Manufactured locally, it incorporates leading, efficient LED technology which unlocks additional utility through its associated app. This includes the ability to set unique timer schedules for illumination as a burglar-deterrent. The light’s construction is considered and seeks to maximise longevity and mitigate obsolescence. Product information informs customers how to repair, update or recycle the light should this be necessary or desired.

  • The Origami Light uses leading technology. The constant voltage driver (nominal lifetime up to 50,000 hours) is app-compatible allowing for a dimming range of 1–100%, with power consumption reducing as the light is dimmed. The driver’s associated app has many features which work with the individual light but are fully realised when combined with other project lighting. These include but are not limited to creating galleries for light selection; the ability to create scenes by grouping specific lights at customisable light levels; and applying timers to these scenes, i.e. at sunrise, sunset or by a day / date based schedule. The COB LED technology used enables the LED array to be packed more densely, with smaller LEDs than traditional forms. This produces higher intensity light of greater uniformity at reduced energy consumption. Its superior thermal performance increases its life, stability and reliability. (Nominal lifetime up to 50,000 hours also).