One Park Taipei

  • 2019

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

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Life, in a home-like and amicable place, is becoming simpler. As a landmark architecture situated in Taipei, One Park Taipei is a twin-tower residential architecture, of which the 35-storey south and the 31-storey north building in minute differences of heights reveal the elegant presence.

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  • For the adjacency to Daan Forest Park, the great exuberant view inspired the design plan as well. Designed by the internationally renowned designer, the building exteriors and public spaces decorated with lively plants represent a pleasant quality of life. The desirable view to the forest-like park, the residents enjoy the enticing variations of nature.

  • The designer explicitly favored earth-tone colors, and believed that the colors motivate more applications and selections. Colors are firmly connected to moods so much that the bright colors are influential to emotions. Reflecting the unique luster of “zinc,” the physical structures of buildings impress people with the amazing craftsmanship of colors. Each building façade, ornamented with two extensive orange laminated glass, has become the most enticing and astonishing landmark in the city.

  • The designer asserted that a pleasant space indicates a pleasant design. The buildings are inspiring, and the spaces are encouraging. We actively explore the meaning of life from architectures.

  • Extensively decorated with large glass, the building exteriors reflect the glamourous sunlight. The irregular structures of balcony consistently expand the visual scope. Making discernible the building stairs, the designer adorned the stairs with orange laminated glass, which diffuses the vibrant energy of life.