Oliver Grace x Lifestream App: Personal Safety by Design


Guardian’s objective; design and create an app for personal safety, family connection, and professional support. This led to a holistic UX and UI reimagining of the existing Lifestream app and supporting response centre by delivering a beautiful digital experience with rich features in alignment with Lifestream’s new brand identity.

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  • A problem that resonates with each member of the community at some point in their life. Lifestream founder Andrew Leigh was walking home from the gym one evening when he noticed a woman in front of him visibly anxious about his presence. As the father of three, he immediately felt a deep sense of empathy and sadness, and it was this experience that set Lifestream’s — and ultimately Oliver Grace’s — ambitions in motion. Our brief: Marrying seamless functionality with refreshed branding for an app that acts as a supportive lifeline to peace of mind and reassurance.

  • A mobile app that redefines personal safety through a direct connection to emergency and support services, or family and friends. But before we got here, we dove into consumer research on safety and technological innovation, leveraging insights from school networks and corporate partners to guide our decisions. This led to defining a full user journey for each section of the app, connecting each new design flow into interactive prototypes for the Lifestream team to test and showcase. From here, we worked closely with the developers to marry design and functionality beyond the expectations of what the client envisaged.

  • Lifestream didn’t just require a beautiful redesign of their mobile app, they needed a series of considered, thoughtful, and empathetic designs that took into account the full user journey, including the problems that they may be experiencing in various situations. The app has only launched recently, but the impact on prospective customers and users is already noticeable. With detailed features like 24/7 emergency assistance, real-time location tracking for nominated contacts, live video calls or instant messaging options, and instant CCTV streaming, it’s no wonder that government and educational bodies are considering how they can incorporate Lifestream into their resources.

  • A streamlined operator experience - An emergency services app such as Lifestream can only be as strong as its operator response centre. We redesigned the operator-facing experience with the goal of making specific actions and processes faster to complete, allowing the operator to serve their caller more efficiently. Website landing page - We designed and developed a new landing page for the Lifestream app which catered to the customer’s journey; from consideration and concerns through to conversion. We incorporated engaging features into the site, each with interactivity and movement to encourage scrolling and ultimately learning more about the app.