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The aim of Oktion is to enable charitable institutions to run auction events for their fundraising initiatives. Oktion is a complete mobile and web-based online silent auction platform, allowing users to manage their entire auction process from the beginning to the end, from setting up auction events to issuing invoices.

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  • The brief was to create a complete silent auction platform that charities and non-profit organisations could use to follow all principles of fundraising, administration savings and increase efficiency in raising awareness of their cause. The challenge was to bring in all fundraising initiatives, including ticketing, raffles, silent bidding and donations, under one roof without much involvement from the charitable organisations themselves. The brief also requested a function that would promote interactivity from auction donors, enabling users to add more donors and create a network of donors which is far beyond reach of a small to medium size charity or cause.

  • We exceeded the brief by creating a complete silent auction and fundraising platform that also generates intelligent reports. Oktion reduces the administration work required to hold charity events and raise funds for important causes. Oktion does this by automatically issuing reports detailing the total revenue generated for the evening. Oktion also handles all the bidding and payments. At the end of the event, winners will be automatically charged, and the app will take care of all shipping and invoicing management. At the end of an action, the organiser can arrange for items sold to be shipped to the relevant addresses.

  • Oktion helps charities improve their fundraising capability, reduce administration and increase efficiencies in raising awareness for their chosen cause. Charities can adapt the app to their own branding without having to invest or invent tools to raise funds. Although it's targeted at charitable institutions as its key market, Oktion is an application that can be used by anybody to run auction events of any kind. We have made Oktion easy for anybody to sign up and begin using. Oktion is a completely white label application. Consumers can sign up to the platform and brand their auction event as their own.

  • Buy It Now Oktion has a unique ‘buy it now’ feature that allows organisers to provide a fixed price contribution for those who do not want to be involved in the bidding process. Table Management We have created table management technology for auctions that allows organisers to create seating arrangements on the Oktion platform, which further enhances the auction participation experience for both participants and generates competition at the event by displaying the highest bidding/contributing table for the night. Remote bidding Oktion allows participants to engage in remote bidding. Guests can contribute to auction events regardless of physical attendance; they can attend by receiving an invite notification from the organisers. Automatic payments At the end of an auction, payments are automatically made. Bidders can choose to generate an invoice and bidders are also provided with multiple payment options. Raffles Organisers can raise additional funds and generate excitement amongst guests by running a raffle draw. Raffle tickets can be purchased in Oktion, and the winning tickets are drawn using the app. Ticketing There is in-app ticketing to prevent the need for organisers to turn to event ticketing companies to sell tickets. This allows organisers to put more funds towards their cause.