Ocean Guardian – eSPEAR

  • 2020

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Ocean Guardian

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Ocean Guardian eSPEAR is the world’s first handheld shark deterrent designed for diving, snorkelling and spearfishing. eSPEAR is a small, lightweight and easy to carry device designed for the everyday ocean user and is powered by Shark Shield Technology, the only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent technology.

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  • Developed over more than 20 years, Ocean Guardian‘s patented Shark Shield Technology is the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested shark deterrent technology. Consisting of two electrodes which create a powerful three-dimensional electrical field when submerged, it causes sharks to experience safe, but unbearable, spasms in their sensitive electrical receptors, turning them away. The challenge was to develop a device using Shark Shield Technology that was small enough to be used by everyday ocean users when diving, snorkelling and spearfishing and yet offered a level of protection similar to larger Ocean Guardian devices (developed for surf boards and boats).

  • Our solution was to develop eSPEAR, a compact, lightweight handheld baton that more than doubles in length when deployed. eSPEAR turns on automatically when triggered and retracts when held out of the water. A highly visible LED indicator shows operational status and battery life, while a rubberised handle and finger guard provide a secure grip and reduce the likelihood of dropping the baton. The fully encapsulated electronic design guarantees watertightness, and a powerful lithium battery provides 1-2 hours of continuous operation. eSPEAR generates an electrical field over 1 metre high x 2.5 metres wide, offering powerful and proven shark protection.

  • The fear of shark attack is a growing issue for everyday ocean users, not just for surfers and commercial divers. eSPEAR is the first product to address this concern, using patented technology and innovative design to provide a cost effective way for people to enjoy the ocean safely without causing harm to marine life. Ocean Guardian eSPEAR has the potential to have a significant positive impact on the marine environment by removing the need for harmful shark deterrents. eSPEAR also represents the next step in Ocean Guardian‘s larger ambition to completely replace shark nets and drum lines around the world.

  • • The world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent technology. • Creates a powerful electrical field over 1m high x 2.5m wide. • Comes standard with D-ring for attaching to dive belt, swimsuit or trunks. • Optional Holster available as an accessory for attaching to thigh, calf or dive belt. • Turns on automatically when deployed. Turns off when held out of water to reload (retract). • Easy to see LED operational status, including battery life indicator. • Fully encapsulated electronics with powerful lithium battery and wireless charging dock. • 12V DC car / boat charging accessory also available. • Depth rated to rated to 100m. • Available in five colours. • Does not permanently harm sharks.