Omega 60cm Combination Gas Cooktop

  • 2016

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Commissioned By:

Shriro Holdings Ltd

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The NPO60 is a 60cm combination gas cooktop designed by Australian Chef Neil Perry and manufactured by Omega Appliances. The cooktop allows consumers to bring commercial power and control into their home.

The 60cm gas cooktop features a high powered 17Mj wok burner, anti-slip rubber grip control knobs, a flame failure device, flat cast iron commercial trivets, brass burners and is made in Italy.

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  • Neil Perry felt that typical domestic cooking appliances lacked the power for professional results, he wanted the power and proficiency of his commercial appliances at home. Power and heat are the benchmark of this appliance which features a triple ringed 17Mj wok burner. The outcome is rapid heat up to achieve a professional cooking experience and results to show. The 3 burners on this unit give the user ultimate control, allowing for high and low heat settings that can be used for boiling, frying, stewing and simmering.

  • Flame failure is an important safety feature, it ensures gas cannot flow from the cooktop when no flame is present. The Neil Perry Kitchen NPC60G gas cooktop has been designed with safety in mind. When the flame is not ignited or blows out the gas supply is cut creating a safer environment for all.

  • Neil Perry Kitchen cooktops are the ultimate expression of the professional kitchen. When designing the range Neil Perry wanted the appliances to possess all the features he loved from his commercial appliances. Sturdy and flat cast iron trivets allow users to slide pots and pans on and off the heat or between burners. They create a safer and more stable cooking surface as smaller pots cannot 'fall' between the trivets and spill hot food onto the cooktop.

  • Anti-slip rubber grip controls are an aesthetically appealing addition to the NPC60G gas cooktop. They are large in size making them easy to use while providing accurate control. The anti-slip rubber grip assists during the cooking process as it provides a stable and secure surface to hold onto.

    In order to handle the extreme heat output from the extreme powered burners the NPC60G Neil Perry Kitchen cooktop has been manufactured using tempered glass. Tempered glass is a safety glass that has been treated to increase its strength and heat resistance compared to standard glass. It creates additional safety when using the cooktop while being easy to maintain and clean.