NOXBOX130 – Junctioning Made Simple

  • 2021

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    Hardware and Building

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The NOXBOX makes cable joints easy, with a compact exterior and design to complement surrounding building materials. With a quick installation design, snap connectors, screw-less cable clamps and multiple entry points, this Australian designed product is a simple way to join lights to house wiring.

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  • Joining electrical cables has always been a tedious and messy job (especially when outdoors), requiring numerous parts and excess labour to perform what should be a simple task. Current solutions are messy and time consuming. Junction boxes generally must be bulky due to the inefficiency of the internal connection methods and historic design. Simplify the job of the electrician by including all required components to form a wiring junction reducing install time and lost / forgotten parts. Utilise a durable construction material and method to eliminate damaged parts.

  • The NOXBOX is rated IP65 for outdoor use. All parts required for completing a junction are included and physically attached to eliminate lost parts and unnecessary parts or material being used (such as silicone). Use of quick connectors within the NOXBOX makes a much cleaner installation saving space. Single securing screw provides security yet also allows quick access. Materials are more durable than other models on the market. Internal tool-less cable clamps provide extra security and easier use then traditional screw down clamps. Installation measurements moulded into body eliminating the need for additional instructions or templates.

  • NOXBOX was designed specifically to improve the lives of electricians. Utilising its unique design elements, electrical junctions are now faster, safer, and more resilient to environmental conditions than previously possible at this price point. Electricians can now increase their productivity because of the decrease in time required to install the NOXBOX. The reduced footprint of the NOXBOX allows for more units to be shipped and stored increasing stock holding capacity. Additionally, this allows the NOXBOX to be installed where other junction boxes cannot.

  • Low profile footprint. Clean and organised installation. Extremely fast fit out. IP65 weather protected. Attractive overall design. Robust, secure, and safe installation. All required parts are integrated. Reusable. Self-extinguishing materials. Hinged cover cannot be removed and lost or dropped.