Nobø Oslo


Nobø Oslo is a highly effective and energy saving convection heater with a week timer functionality, designed and made by Glen Dimplex Nordic, Norway, a 100 year old manufacturer of electric heating. Nobø Oslo is based on a technology platform with an exeptional ability to keep a stable room temperature.

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  • Nobø Oslo is designed for a cold, Scandinavian climate where heating is required almost half the year. In Scandinavia the heaters are mounted on the wall, usually beneath a window to stop any cold drafts. As a fixed piece of interior, the heater is given a simple and discrete design and a subtle, white color that makes it blend into any interior. Nobø Oslo is quick and easy to install, both on the wall but also on feet with castors. This provides the user with a flexible heating solution.

  • Nobø Oslo is equipped with a digital week timer that can be programmed to your household needs. The timer has two heat modes; “day/peak” and “night/off peak”. You can set a different temperature for each of these heat modes. For “night/off peak” the heater can even be set to OFF. A week program is made by entering the day(s) and time for each program change (from “day” to “night” or vice versa). When the programming is done, the heater will automatically save energy when you are asleep or away. If need be, you can also temporarily override the current heat mode by pushing a button on the control. The heater will automatically return to the timer program at the next program change.

  • Room temperature variation is the measured, maximum deviation from the average temperature, after the temperature in the room has stabilized (tested according to IEC 675 international standard). This value should be below +/- 0.25° in order to avoid any discomforts (e.g. feeling too hot or too cold every other hour). This is also important for the electricity bill, because users have a tendency to set the heater based on the lowest resulting temperature. A heater with a large variation in temperature (+/- 0.6°) could vary between 21.0° and 22.2°C. To heat the room an extra 1.0°C every variation cycle (e.g. every hour) is a waste of energy. Nobø Oslo has a variation as low as +/- 0.1° and does not waste energy.

  • Some people may have noticed that if they use panel heaters with less than ideal heat regulation performance, they need to increase the set point of the heater on extra cold days to reach the same room temperature. This effect is called "drift", and is caused by the heater's unwanted influence on the integrated temperature sensor. The temperature drift should be below 1.5°, although this is difficult to achieve on large 2000W heaters. Depending on heater size, Nobø Oslo has a drift varying from 0.2° on 750W heaters to 1.3° on 2000W heaters. When testing competing heaters, we have found that most heaters in the nordic markets have drift between 2.5°-6.5°, resulting in very poor comfort and waste of energy.

    During periods when the outdoor temperatures vary, especially during autumn and spring, the heater will spend a lot of time not heating, being in standby mode. It is important that the heater then has a low standby power consumption. Most heaters use 10-30W of energy in standby mode. Our new panel heaters use only 0.1W in standby mode. This prevents any waste of energy during periods when heating is not necessary.

    Glen Dimplex Nordic stems from a 100 years of experience on making electric heating. Experience shows that our heaters have a life expectancy of 20 years or more. Nobø Oslo is made from high quality Scandinavian steel. All components are designed and approved by our team at Glen Dimplex Nordic. The heater will keep you warm in years and years to come, without the need for any service or upgrades. The low investment cost and long life expectancy makes Nobø Oslo one of the most cost efficient heating solutions on the market.

    Nobø Oslo is splash proof (IP24) and can be installed in a bathroom by a certified electrician. All openings in the chassis are child proof to avoid any injuries. All surface temperatures are safely below the limits set in the regulating standard. If the heater is covered by accident, an overheat cut out will switch off the power to the heating element and prevent overheating. All heaters are tested at our production facility in Stjørdal before they are shipped out.