NCR SelfServ 82 – Multi-Function Interior ATM

  • 2018

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

NCR Corporation

Designed In:

United Kingdom

NCR SelfServ 82 interior ATM. Delivers a high level of transaction capability in a compact footprint to meet the placement requirements of extended service in branch and off-premise. Designed for the emerging ‘mobile first’ consumer the terminal provides that important physical fulfillment of digital banking.

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  • NCR SelfServ 81 supersedes the market leading NCR SelfServ 32 building on the original concept of a single cabinet (including security vault) that can accomodate all of the modules required to provide a stand alone or out of hours bank in a box The NCR SelfServ 82 can dispense and accept bank notes, read and accept checks, dispense coins to the cent, print statements and receipts. The challenge for the designers was to house all of these functions in a compact footprint that was usable and accessible to all users.

  • Banking simply demands an amazing consumer experience, which is why we’ve evolved the de facto ATM user interface (established in the 1980s) to reflect the changing expectations and behaviors of the mobile-first consumer. We’ve taken interaction and design elements from consumer apps and mobile hardware to create a wholly new ATM experience. People can swipe, pinch and zoom with the screen, just like a tablet. And it works seamlessly with users’ smartphones. Serving as diverse a population of people as possible, everyone’s able to experience an ATM that’s not only designed to accommodate the accessibility standards of over 30 countries.

  • Access to cash is a basic human right. The NCR SelfServ 82 provides a 24x7, simple user interface for cash withdrawal and deposit transactions as well as a wide range of automated banking transactions. The always open channel (the ATM) contributes to bank brand reputation and the client loyalty by adding security, trust and 24x7 availability. Physical fulfillment of the digital experience. Designed for a global market, User Centered Design team took into consideration the standards and legislation for accessible products from over 30 countries.

  • The ATM is increasingly being considered an independent branded touch point for the brand – ease of replenishment and maintenance, intuitive interfaces have contributed to its acceptance and adoption. Automation of the high-volume routine transactions free up the staff to add valuable assistance and advise clients enhancing the bank's brand. Whereas earlier generations of ATMs have taken a "utilitarian" approach to the appearance the NCR SelfServ 82 takes its visual cues from consumer technologies including mobile technologies that consumers are expected to more frequently use to interact with the terminal. The objective is to delight our customer and enable them to delight their consumers. Gone is gray plastic to be replaced with black, edge-to-edge glass, with cast metal shutters and details. The result is smooth, sleek easy to clean surfaces. Not only are they aesthetically more refined, but they are much more difficult for criminals to compromise. Where plastic remains, it is minimized and used to provide the optimum shape and size of opening and guides for the error free removal and insertion of each specific type of media (bank notes, check, coins, printouts).