Navicula Light

  • 2021

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

David Trubridge

Designed In:

New Zealand

Navicula is inspired by microscopic diatoms, which take more carbon out of the atmosphere than anything else – more than all the world’s tropical rainforests. Through photosynthesis, microscopic ciatoms liberate enough oxygen for every second breath of humankind. Designed in New Zealand, Navicula Light raises awareness of diatoms by creating a highly sustainable lighting solution.

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  • Decorative lighting is often grandiose and takes little concern for the environment. Navicula, like all our lights is made from renewable bamboo which is a by-product of the food industry. It is a big feature piece but actually ships flat pack to reduce its footprint. The other technical factor this light brings is a lower light output. Homes tend to have a bright layering of light, spots are used to flood a space. Navicula compliments that by emitting a soft dappled light for a relaxed atmosphere. Navicula also brings a natural form indoors.

  • After the original sketches for Navicula were created by David and Makiko modelling began. The goal was creating a tensile skeletal form from thin ply that didn't feel heavy in any way. At first the form was vertical and wasn't pleasing, so the overall shapes was dramatically simplified. A chance construction mistake led to the twisting of the form. The design team fell in love and honed in on it.

  • The success of Navicula was felt immediately. It seemed without knowing it, we had designed something people really were draw to; sculptural lighting that doubled as art. Sales exceeded our expectations as did the interest in the origin of the idea. We wanted to give back in some way to the diatoms which inspired us so we partnered with Sustainable Coastlines by giving back $50 from each sale of Navicula to them.

  • Another key point about this design is why it has been chosen for projects by clients. Projects often have a theme that aligns with the story of Navicula, or the clients have links to a certain island or waterway. Or the projects goal is to source renewable, eco or natural materials.