Nail Snail – Baby Nail Trimmer

  • 2018

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Christie and Christie

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Developed out of frustration with current product offerings, the Nail Snail is a redesign of traditional children’s nail trimmers with the aim of creating a more simplistic and enjoyable experience for child and carer. The design uses a concealed blade to trim children’s nails in a safer more user-friendly manner.

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  • It was identified that traditional methods of trimming children’s nails, using clippers or nail scissors, were not only time intensive but also prone to unintentional finger injuries. Cutting nails too short and accidental finger nicks are a common occurrence which result in the nail cutting process becoming a traumatic experience for both carer and child. It was also found that children often associate the clipping sound with this past traumatic experience. The aim of this project was to create a nail trimming device that was safer and quicker to use resulting in a more positive experience for all involved.

  • The final design solution incorporates a ‘v’ shaped cutting blade that glides across the nail rather than clipping or snipping. The blade has been designed with safety at the forefront with the metal bent such that the blade edge is not exposed. The Nail Snail incorporates a nail trimmer, a nail file and an under nail cleaner. The tool has been crafted to look like a snail in order to make the product appealing for children. The simple nature of the device aids in expediating the nail trimming process and removes the danger and stress triggers associated with traditional methods.

  • The focus of this design was to provide parents and carers with a product that would transition the act of baby nail trimming from a traumatic and stressful experience, to one that is more engaging and facilitates bonding. The design takes an innovative approach to nail trimming by rethinking old methods and providing an alternative that promotes a more enjoyable and safer environment. The form is used to soften what is normally a very cold and harsh product and provides a highly recognisable icon that can be used to drive customer loyalty.

  • The Nail Snail has been designed to include all the features necessary for typical nail care, such as a file and nail/cuticle cleaner. An etched surface integrated into the underside of the Nail Snail body acts as a nail file, while the tail has been shaped to create a nail and cuticle cleaner. The ‘eyes’ of the snail are used as a safety feature to limit access to the blade surface and promote safe use. The body has been moulded with soft touch materials for durability and comfort during operation. The design also eliminates moving parts, and minimises points of ingress, to prolong the useful life of the product. The playful form is used to facilitate user/product connection and to remove the consumable attitude that is attached to many traditional nail trimmers. The Nail Snail has been crafted with sustainability in mind, the design has successfully reduced the amount of stainless steel used in the manufacture of traditional nail cutting devices. The product has been tested and endorsed by medical professionals, and has proven successful for children with Syndactyly (fused fingers), autism, and premature babies.