MX Series High-Fidelity Weatherproof Loudspeakers

  • 2016

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Quest Engineering

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The Quest Engineering MX series are the first audio installation loudspeakers to meet the highest environmental ingress and audio fidelity standards whilst being available at an affordable commercial audio cost. Designed to integrate into any architectural commercial environment, its exceptional audio quality and componentry ensures a long performance service life.

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  • The challenges of architectural commercial environments are that each has their own distinct appearance and audio challenges. The MX Series was designed to allow the speakers to 'fit in' to any architectural space. Though appearing a rectangular casing design, all of the exterior surfaces of the MX are very subtly curved allowing a soft distribution of light and combined with the material significantly reduce any light reflection that may occur. This combination will visually blend well with both heritage and contemporary designed public spaces. The high fidelity audio delivers exceptional performance allowing architects and venue designers to create a seamless full range audio presence.

  • Keeping a compact form allowed the MX Series to integrate into interior environments easily as well as simplify installation. The small form required a completely new approach to the audio component design and resulted in many innovations. One such innovation included a custom designed woofer can take more power and self-cool with greater efficiency. In combination with built in passive electronics, its performance delivers much needed bottom end due to the lack of porting as a result of the IP67 rating.

  • Environmental performance normally comes at the cost of audio fidelity. The MX series was built from the ground up enabling both the audio and environmental performance to be delivered without compromise. The result is an IP67 rated professional audio loudspeaker capable of living in the harshest of outdoor environments whilst delivering outstanding audio performance. From the tropics of Asia through to the snow covered landscapes in Europe the MX delivers time and time again.

  • The MX Series were design with the user in mind and enable hi-fi performance to be achieved without the need for sophisticated electronics. The plug and play series allows faster installation and deliver of high fidelity sound without additional hidden costs.

    The longevity of commercial speakers are always at the mercy of the people using it. Eager music lovers can quickly kill speakers through exposure to high level outputs. The MX series not only delivers these high level outputs but integrates system safeguards of the speaker components protecting them from extreme levels and ensuring a long service life